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Ideals and the People Who Wish they Had Them
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Ideals and the People Who Wish they Had Them

Mediocre music. Mediocre day. Mediocre drive. Mediocre clothes and the people who wear them. Mediocre marriage. Mediocre job. Mediocre life. Mediocre motivation and the people who have some. Mediocre minds. Mediocre curiosity. Mediocre times. And the people who have none. What a waste. What a waste of time. So short and we waste it all … Continue reading

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WGAL has a saying, “Turn around, don’t drown!” I got an email with this is the tagline one year and couldn’t stop laughing. But I hear it in my head whenever the roadway is covered and the water is rushing. It’s a pretty effective warning. And intuitive, but necessary. How many people do you see … Continue reading