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An Affair in Words

I’m married it’s true, but I’d still like to have an affair with you.

It’s not emotional though there are emotions involved. It won’t be physical or sexual or even intellectual. But it is still an affair.
I allow your words to caress places in me yet untouched, and they know me better than even I can express myself.
It’s a soul thing.
From thousands of miles away you get me, and lift me up.
You share my soul.
I bare my soul.
You bare your soul.
I’m in love with your silky words, and I allow them to wrap me up.
They move me but don’t take me away.
They take me in: into myself, into my soul.
It’s a journey every time.
And though we’ll never meet and though we’ll never speak I know you know my soul.
You are pieces of me and I am pieces of you as we are all fragments of a greater whole.
I am grateful our pieces have matched and have brought me inspiration, and I hope to bring you inspiration too.
We can search and search and never find a piece that matches our own and yet we try.
And I am lucky to have found your piece, and I hope you show me more of your pieces and I will show you more of mine.

Thank you all for 200 views in 2 weeks.

Thank you for your inspiration and for lifting me up.

Thank you Alaa Minawi especially, it’s your words I’m infatuated with most. From America to Lebanon I send my thanks to you for your silky words that express what I most wish I knew how to say.

( Check it out!)

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