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If pregnancy is contagious, then I’m immune.

I found out that another one of my friends is pregnant. She was told she wouldn’t be able to have children, but apparently she can. I can’t believe this stuff. I blame it on the Christian school education. No one taught us about birth control. There were five girls in my class. I am the only married one and I’m the only one that doesn’t have any kids. I haven’t been on birth control for seven months and nothing. My ex-boyfriend’s wife says she gets pregnant by being looked at. She’s had four kids, and one miscarriage, in six years. The reason it wasn’t closer together is probably that he was deployed for long periods of time.

I’m not frustrated that we haven’t gotten pregnant, I’m just saying it’s ironic. They don’t want kids. They don’t have a partner that they are with for sure. I do. It’s weird how things work out like that isn’t it.

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