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Getting pregnant should be fun!

And not getting pregnant shouldn’t be depressing. So, tonight I celebrate another month passing by having a big glass of gin. In a way, I’m celebrating my period too.

How often do we do that anymore. We begrudge it for it’s inconvenience and discomfort, but I’ve really begun to laud it. I haven’t been drinking at all unless I’m on my period. What’s more celebratory than a drink?

We put so much pressure on ourselves as women. We’ve got be able to get pregnant when we want and to prevent it when we don’t. We’re responsible for it. If it’s not happening right away, then we need to start charting. The questions take over. Can I have kids? Can he have kids? Will will be bad parents and so are not destined to have kids? We get anxious and we worry and we are our bodies’ worst enemy.

So tonight, I relax. I celebrate that I will have at least another month as just me alone. I’ll have a drink and revel in these days and save the worrying for much much later. Cheers.

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