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American Christians. One of the main reasons I wish I wasn’t one…

Let me preface this by saying that when I speak of American Christians, I speak of the people who (most times unwittingly and subconsciously) consider themselves American first and Christian second. Oh, it’s sneaky. They don’t even know they do it.

They sit there plugged into a Fox News warped reality creating a Christ that is a good American. They command God to bless us as we war with our brothers. What? Didn’t we know that there are Christians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine? That part of the “reasonable collateral damage” would be ours? Does no one read any more? And when they do read, what hermeneutic lens do they use? Do they know what a hermeneutic is or have they simply fell for the idea that Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter are reading the Bible the only way it can be read?

I remember leaving one church in a very sad anger one day, saying that they don’t worship the God I worship. They’ve tired of hearing of love and want the Old Testament war-God to reign again. But Christ didn’t tire of speaking of love, and it didn’t make him soft. Christ’s love is not weakness! As I am sure you can tell by this rant, loving the people that are threatening my faith is most challenging, but as so many of them have pointed out to me: I shouldn’t concern myself with offending anyone. (Shame on me for falling into their trap.) The weakness is acting and speaking out of anger and hate. Loving is the most Christ-like action we are capable of. Why not try it?

Wake up Christians, please! America is not the chosen nation. We are not the center of the world. We are not the only country that Christians live in. These wars are not ours. The wars that our country is fighting are America’s. Separate yourself from this country and espouse yourself to Christians and, though it’s radical, other people who worship the God of Abraham and create a new theology. If your theology is not a globally Christian one, your theology is not centrally Christian. Nationalist lines and squabbles should not divide our family of faith. Test your theology with those around the world and see if you are an American Christian or a Christian American. Or wherever you may be nationally located in the world. And if that is too broad for you, try to make a friend in your faith that is on the other political side, and start there. Christians are Americans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, yellow, black, white, brown. Didn’t the songs of youth have any impact on the way your faith plays out?

All the Children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in God’s sight. I suppose all doesn’t include the children bombed in their homes by US forces whom God has been commanded to bless, or we’ll put a boot in God’s ass. Oh wait, God having an ass would make me an anthropomorphizer. That’s not right.

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