No quotes from Scripture?

Okay so. I want to talk about why I don’t really quote Scripture. I feel like people who quote the Bible feel that they can not be argued with and how I feel that someone whose never read the Bible could google a verse or two to prove a point. So I don’t do it very often because I like to read and synthesize, process, think and then speak. It’s strange I know. What can I say I just have more respect for people when I can tell that they know the Bible without ever hearing them whip out a huge passage. It’s like you know they know it, but they aren’t hiding behind it. They realize that people read it differently and know that if we question the truth will only bring us closer to God.

Plus, there is a Bible verse that could be whipped out for pretty much anything. I mean there are many sides there, and people use it in sick ways. It’s good we’ve not emphasized to live is Christ to die is gain or we may be blowing ourselves up. I also don’t like when people don’t stop to think about the implications of what they are saying. Like they are so out of touch with people that they don’t realize the pain they cause them.

We all fail. We all fall short. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

Just thought with all my recent conversations I would clear this up. It’s not that I don’t understand scripture or find it irrelevant. I just find it better to me to turn the words into applicable knowledge.

3 thoughts on “No quotes from Scripture?

  1. Totally agree… People forget that scriptures were written by people. These writings were a sum total of their knowledge and experience. Not that anyone is trying to add to the bible, but if your experience and exposure to the God you serve can;t be expressed in your own words, what’s the point?

    Funny how Jesus had the Old testament on hand, but chose parables…


  2. As a guy who’s studying the Bible, every now and then I hear someone spout off a verse and I just want to hit them over the head with a Context Stick. I don’t, but I wish, sometimes.


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