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Being lesbian seems favorable right now.

I have been working long nights lately, and when I get home everything is exactly the way I left it. There is a blanket on the floor, my dish is in the sink, the toilet needs cleaned, and I’m starving. Before I came home tonight I called my husband and told him that I was really hungry and I went over all the things in our fridge. I told him that there weren’t enough leftovers for another dinner. When I got home he’d faithfully heated up the tiny portion of leftovers for me. Uh. It’s days like these I wish I had a wife!

I mean, he says that he’d been working around the house,but I never see what he’s working on. I suppose that he was working in the basement, but I never go down there so how would I know. Here’s the thing: I love him so much and he is the most kind and generous husband I could ask for, but he doesn’t get it. He does what he does for himself. Not like he’s selfish, but he doesn’t know how to do what I would want for me. He does what he would want. In the end, it makes my days quite a bit longer. When I’m working until between 6:30 and 8:10, I want to come home to dinner because I’m starving. I don’t care how the mechanics of the house look such as, the paint on the door frames or the baseboard. I care about the aesthetics like the stuff that is strewn everywhere and unclean things we have to use. When I’m working, it’s like there’s no slack pick up from him. How did he do anything when he lived alone?

I love him very much, but once in a while I wish I had a wife. That I could come home to someone who fundamentally gets what I need taken care of, not someone who takes care of what they would like to be taken care of. Women’s intuition is amazing that way.

4 thoughts on “Being lesbian seems favorable right now.

  1. Have you told him what you want? Exactly how you want it? Have your desires been clear to him? (Remember, us guys are pretty stupid. Little signs won’t work!) If not, I’d advise sitting down and laying it all out in love. My wife has does that when I’m getting that way and it really helps me not only please her, but understand her.


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