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Does Jesus say he’s God?

I was reading blogs and I stumbled across one by someone who was talking about his conversations with a pastor. He said he was very disappointed that the Christian pastor didn’t know his Bible even as well as he, as a Muslim, knew it. He asked if he knew that Jesus distinguished himself from God and the pastor said he’d heard no such thing. The man from the blog then mentioned a verse where Jesus asked why someone was calling him good, because only God is good. I thought he’d taken the verse out of context so I looked it up. Lo and behold, there was no context, and Jesus never took it back. This began a google search.

Did Jesus call Himself God? He said things like, I know my Father and if you know me you know the Father, and My Father is in me and I in Him. But did he really say: I’m God? He’s referred to often as the Son of God, and the angel tells Mary that people will call Jesus son of the most high God, but does that mean that he really is? And don’t we call ourselves children of God or brothers and sisters in Christ? Don’t we say that we hope that others will see God in us, and that God will work through us?

All my life I’ve been taught to think about he Bible in a certain way, but what if the things that I naturally imply aren’t really what I should be implying? Is tradition truth? Obviously, I know this is all very problematic to Christian faith, but I can’t help asking. After all, that’s what it is to have faith like a child right? I’ve never met a child who stopped asking questions and usually they are the big ones that we always thought were obvious things, but that we’ve no idea how to explain.

18 thoughts on “Does Jesus say he’s God?

  1. According to the Bible, Jesus denied being God and also denied being even the son of God; rather he did say that he was simply the son of man. You obviously have an inquisitive mind and have already asked yourself one of the most important questions with respect to religion; namely, is tradition truth? Interestingly, the Bible answers that question in a way that one wouldn’t expect. According to the Bible, Jesus said that people needed to seek the truth (through his teachings) and that the truth will set you free. Obviously, Jesus felt that tradition was not the truth and the only way to the truth was through him. I say that it’s interesting because the Bible is a tome of self-proclaimed truth and evidently it felt that the truth was not self-evident, because why else would you have to seek it. Also, Jesus in the same breath said that the truth will set you free. Free from what one might ask? Obviously, free from the belief systems imposed by tradition. Faith is a wonderful thing to have but too many people use it as a reason to stop looking for God. I hope that that answers your concerns.


    • “Faith is a wonderful thing to have but too many people use it as a reason to stop looking for God.” If I was in theater class I would snap fingers because that resonates so completely. I hate when I hear people say that we should have faith like a child when we start to get to particulars. Why be scared if you’re searching for truth and God is truth?

      I hope it doesn’t answer my concerns. I hope they are not answered in this life. I hope to spend my life searching and finding and searching. It may sound hopeless, but I love it.


  2. I like this post, I have some views on this point but wasn’t ever confident to share it so am glad you did…
    Context is the key how I love it so much in scripture but as you said like a child alway asking question that how we should be.


  3. From the time I began reading the bible I understood that Jesus nor the apostles believed him to be God. There is so much in the ancient texts that clergy and religous capitalist do not want known. But if someone chooses to know the truth rather than be ignorant within a myth they should be read and the truth should be applied to christianity.


  4. Mark 14:61-62 (ESV) “61 But he remained silent and made no answer. Again the high priest asked him, “Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?” 62 And Jesus said, “I am, and you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven”. Jesus does, in fact directly claim to be God when questioned by the high priest just prior to His crucifixion. ( has a nice article with reference material on this subject. Here is an excerpt:

    “First of all, even if the phrase “Son of Man” is a reference to Jesus’ humanity, it is not a denial of His deity. By becoming a man, Jesus did not cease being God. The incarnation of Christ did not involve the subtraction of deity, but the addition of humanity. Jesus clearly claimed to be God on many occasions (Matthew 16:16,17; John 8:58; 10:30). But in addition to being divine, He was also human (see Philippians 2:6-8). He had two natures (divine and human) conjoined in one person.”


    • I’ve no problem accepting that Jesus was God and man as I was raised that way. However, I wonder is there a verse where Jesus says: I am God. Because as the ones you’ve cited too say, Jesus often clarifies (in my opinion) that he is the son of Man.
      Or says I am.
      Or calls God His Father, but I do that too. “Dear heavenly Father.” Don’t we call ourselves children of God.
      Are you aware of a passage where Jesus said that He was God?


      • Check out John 10:22-42. Jesus says plainly to the Jews, “I am the Father are one”. He further offers evidence that what He had done had shown that He is God. When speaking about “His sheep” He said “I give them eternal life”. Who else can give eternal life except God? I would contend that considering Jesus oftentimes taught in parables, this is very plain language indicating His awareness of His divine being.


      • This is an excellent topic of discussion. In Luke 18:19 Jesus is challenging the loose way in which the rich ruler used the term “good”. The Christian Courier has a decent article on this subject @ Jesus was explaining that the term “good” should not be used in a relative sense, but in an absolute sense. Of course, the only being who is absolutely good is God. As such, Jesus was not denying His divine nature, rather He was ensuring that the rich ruler understood what it was he was saying.

        This is an important contention when speaking with nonbelievers. I have had long discussions with a close friend of mine regarding being a “good” person in a relative sense, as opposed to striving to be a “good” person in the way that Jesus was good. This is a critical point in understanding our fallen nature as humans. Compared to a rapist I would consider myself good; however, compared to Jesus I have quite a bit of room for improvement!


        • Interesting idea with the Luke passage, and yes I read the John passage as I was thinking about it. I just can’t help asking myself assuming that God is all-knowing and that billions of people would go to hell because of they’re doubt that he is or is not God wouldn’t God at some point actually say I’m God? I’m not sure if it’s quite enough to say we’re one. or before Abraham I am. But you’re right that passage in the synoptic gospels is the closest Jesus gets to saying that He’s God.


  5. Hi, my name is not important, I have many names. But I like James, my birth name. Son of Man, refers to Him being The Man. What that means is He was by blood, the carrier of some special DNA. He was the Man, biologically. So He was like the King of All Mankind, and thus had authority to pardon or forgive sins. Let me assure you, Christianity is only partly correct, in supposing everyone else but Christians will be raptured or go to Heaven. Since this is a very important issue, let me firmly say that I believe that all religions can purify the soul adequately for someone to go to Heaven. Jesus saying, ‘I AM the Way’ is saying He is the best way, the straightest and quickest path to Heaven or achieving Nirvana as it is being popularly called these days. Why not choose the best way or quickest way? Believe it or not, some people are comfortable where they are, and we don’t have the right to force them to do otherwise. Hope that helps, LOVE James,


  6. Sorry, to answer your questions, there are certain rules set up in the Kingdom. One of them, as revealed to me by the Metatron, which is not his real nName by the way, is that. There are some of us, in the camps comfortable with saying that which you say, and that is although not a big no-no, is one, if you know what I mean. That’s how I understand it. Another unspoken rule, as revealed to the Jewish people is that we cannot speak the Name, YHWH. Instead when we see this, we say, “Adonai”. Just rules, for now, when we reach Higher Understanding, most likely the rules will change or be lifted. Hope that helps, LOVE, J.,


  7. Son of Man is most used in the OT by Ezekiel, which refers to his humanity before God. And some “Son of man” sayings: the son of man is Lord of the Sabbath, the son of man has no place to rest his head- could apply to all of us.


  8. greetings everyone. beliveinforareason is spot on concerning this man called the Christ the Son of the Living God. concerning His own testimony… “there is another that beareth witness of me, and I know that the witness which he witnesseth of me is true” It was not only the testimony of Jesus that place Him as the “Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world”. Both the prophets of the old and new testaments give credence to the same. “They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them”.

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God, All things were made by Him (who) Jesus, for by Him were all thing created that are in heave, and that are in the earth, visible and invisible”… for by the same Man God became flesh and blood that he might take upon Him flesh and blood that He might redeem the very creation He created.

    “So take heed therefore unto yourselves and to all the flock over which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God which He hath purchased with His own blood”. Acts 20:28 God is a spirit, he has no body, no flesh, no blood… until He became a man, born of a virgin suffered under the hand of SIN that He might atone for that same SIN. We need not that any teach us “the witness which He witnesseth” is capable of revealing this Man.

    Peace is only found in the mercy and grace of Jesus.
    brother malachi


    • Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate you taking some time to read and give your opinion. This post seems to bring out a lot of comments.
      My question still remains, did Jesus say that He is God. I recognize in the post the many things Jesus says He is, and the many things that people call Him. But does He say: I’m God? While I agree that Christ wasn’t necessarily saying that He wasn’t good, He also didn’t say that He deserved the term.
      For me, supashmo gave an answer I can really understand and use to explain to others, but all the comments I’ve gotten I really appreciate.


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