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Rambling about Jesus as God

I have been thinking about this conversation that I am having with someone, and this morning in the car it consumed me. What would it mean to Christianity if Jesus weren’t actually God? What do we lose if Jesus was the son of God whose purpose it was to point us to the Father?

Okay, okay. Let me back up. My husband and I were talking about why Jesus wouldn’t have come out and actually said in the words: Yes, I am God. I mean, God is all-knowing and so God knew that billions of people would go to hell because they were concerned that worshiping Jesus as God would be considered idolatry and blasphemy. God knew that billions of people would be faithfully serving God and yet still waiting for the promised messiah. So, why not say I’m God, at least for the people who doubt in faith. I know we say that some will never believe even if God whacked them on the head, but for those pitiable creatures who would why not? My husband said it was because Jesus was supposed to point people to the Father. But as a symbol or even as the way to God, why is it necessary that Jesus be God? Well, because of the sacrifice he said. What would it mean if a person died for people? It has to be more than that. But then I find myself back to general revelation… is it possible? Is it possible without knowing Jesus story? And if yes, then to what extent does God look at the heart?

Sorry this one’s pretty incoherent… I was rambling.

8 thoughts on “Rambling about Jesus as God

  1. Jesus does say he is God. John 14:11, Matthew 27:43 – that He is the Son of God, John 10:31-33 – Jews wanted to stone Jesus who they thought was blaspheming by saying He was God.

    People will always have excuses not to believe, that’s where faith comes in, it’s not supposed to be easy.


  2. This is a question that dates back quite a way. Possibly one of the most famous discussions on this topic is the the first Council of Nicea convened by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 A.D. I would have to agree with your husband regarding the importance of Jesus being God having a direct impact on the redemption of humanity. I would further contend that we would not have Christianity today if Jesus were not God. If Jesus was not resurrected post-crucifixion then why would His disciples fought so hard to spread the word in a time of heavy persecution? What would they have to gain? The Triune God is foundational to the Christian faith, as you know. If Jesus were not God then we have not been “covered” with regard to our sins, and there is likely a big sign over the gates of Hell reading “Sorry everyone. The correct answer was ‘Judaism’. Thank you for playing, and please follow the signs for ‘weeping and gnashing of teeth’ -Management”.


    • Hehe. That’s funny. That sign may be a possibility. Or perhaps one that says Islam instead. Or some prophet yet unknown to us. Why would any of the religions have endured through persecution? Faith. That is what faith does, blind, wrong, or right. It demands actions.


      • Ah, and you have hit on the critical issue of faith versus blind faith. Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason ( posed an interesting concept. Greg asked what would happen if we removed the word “faith”, and inserted “trust”. Trust means something quite different. Faith is often defined as a belief in something with little or no evidence to support the basis for such a belief. Trust is often defined as something that is “hard-earned”, which indicates an actual basis on which trust is built. I think we should be wary of those who have “faith” in God regardless of religious denomination. Based on the study I have done to date I would describe my relationship with God as: I trust in God. Jim Wallace of might describe this as a shift from “belief that” God exists to a “belief in” God. Belief in God requires trust; not faith.

        Endurance of persecution is just one indicator that Jesus was and is God. Additional indicators exist, but that will require a lengthy blog or several to go through all of that. While I will likely take my best shot at that in the near future on my believinforareason page I know many other folks who are much more intelligent, and who have a much better understanding have tackled this evidence in the past.

        By the way, I really appreciate the questions you pose. On a personal note, without such questions I would never have been able to make the leap from “belief that” to “belief in”. Thanks!


        • This is why I always look forward to your comments. You know that I am not trying to be a heretic, but that I am taking a journey with my belief in God. You never assume that I’m not intelligent or simply don’t understand and give me a pat answer, but realize that I have to ask these questions because I already had that faith, and now I want more. Thank you so much for getting it!
          As always I ask that I may receive not from you, but from God. I don’t believe in unicorns, but you don’t me leading lengthy pilgrimages of my mind to flesh that out. I just don’t.

          Did you mean Jim Wallis? Because I love his stuff!


  3. Seems like we are on the same page with our respective journey’s, which makes for excellent conversation!

    I was referring to James Warner Wallace who is the founder of the Please Convince Me site.

    If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Please Convince Me site it is well worth the time. Tons of content, and Jim Wallace’s weekly podcast is one of the first Christian apologetics podcasts I began listening to on a regular basis. Of course, this means I am going to have to Google Jim Wallis, and check his stuff out too! Thanks for the tip! I started a apologetics resources links page on my site. If you know of any solid resources I would appreciate the heads up, so I can include those as well!

    Pleasure as always!


    • Yeah, I checked it out quick, but just kept seeing Jim.
      As for apologists, I am more of a book kind of girl, so I don’t know a lot of websites for people.
      Most of the apologetics stuff I love is theodicy centered not believing in God centered as that has never been a questions for me.
      Thanks for talking with me!


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