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Opinionless on homosexuality…

My theology department in college was fantastic. It was chaired by a leading ecumenical Christian woman, Kelly Brown Douglas, for whom I have a ton of respect. She taught this one class called Que(e)rying Religion. I didn’t take and I didn’t take it on purpose. I find myself completely undecided on the whole thing. (Please don’t use that as an excuse to hit me with a billion verses. I promise I’ve read them.) I’ve read the scripture. I’ve discarded the old testament laws. I’ve put the verses in context. I can tell the difference between a discussion on hospitality and a critique of homosexuality. Anyway, why didn’t I take it? I mean I took literally every other one of her classes while I was there. So why skip that one and end up doing an ill-fated independent study when I could be guided by such a prominent ecumenical thinker? Because I didn’t have a viewpoint on it. It may seem strange, but I don’t like to study or read books on a subject before I have an opinion. Even if my opinion changes, I don’t want to take the chance that someone else will define my thinking for me.

-As an aside why would we want to use a passage where a father willingly hands over his daughters to rapists to push a point on homosexuality? Seems like there’s more going on there that’s of concern.-

I had a lot of questions and very few answers. Is homosexuality hereditary? No, I didn’t think so. Is homosexuality a sin? Is is a “super’ sin? No, that didn’t seem right. Would homosexuality bring down our nation? i didn’t believe that… Was it born into someone? I thought it really was. Will their right to get married ruin marriage? That one I thought was ridiculous. Yeah, I had a lot of questions, but it was the Biblically specific and human conflict ones that really kept me from searching it out. I knew people who were gay and I thought some of them were beautiful people and some were not so awesome. Some had fabulous relationships that I envied. Some had an undeniably loving monogamous relationship that knocked me off my feet. Where would I put that if it turn out that there was no way around the idea that it was not acceptable at all? That is the part that kept me from taking the class. It’s one of the regrets of my college studies, that I didn’t take that course. I know that Kelly would have presented the evidence without making me thinking about it in a certain way, but allowing me to decide.

To this day, I don’t have what I think about it nailed down. I certainly don’t feel that homosexuals need to first person identify as such. I feel their ability to parent wonderful kids won’t be impeded in any way by being gay. And I think people like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are doing more to destroy the institution of marriage than gay marriage would. I also feel with the gay Christian community who are struggling to make sense of themselves because the want to make their relationships valid before God with marriage, but are being prevented that. As far as the rest of it… the jury’s still out and for me that’s okay. And even though I try to stay out of it, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers resonates with me. And so I’ve decided, I’ll just love people like I believe God would want me to and leave the semantics to someone else.

15 thoughts on “Opinionless on homosexuality…

  1. I love this post 🙂 The jury is out for me, too, and has been for a while. I settled one day at “It really doesn’t matter.” People either know God or they don’t, and that’s what is important. Not what they do. I trust that once a person starts to follow God, He’ll let them know what they need to sort out in their lives. So I don’t need to worry about letting everyone know what they’re doing wrong. I just need to worry, like you said, about loving people.


  2. Hi, sacred, allow me to offer my thoughts. How are you today? There really are only three verses in the Bible and Jesus talks about it in regards to ascension or the rapture. One verse given by Moses which says being gay or lesbian or transgender is an ‘abomination’, which loosely translates to monstrous, I think hated or isolated, not loved. And that’s sad. Another verse is in Romans, which talks about the mechanism by which same sex attraction occurred, but it doesn’t give us any practical ammunition, so to speak. So, that’s how it happens at the spiritual level, so what? So we were not acknowledging GOD or GODDESS and not thanking Him or Her, so what? The third verse is in Thessalonians or somewhere, these offenders will not inherit the Kindom of GOD. Inheriting the Kingdom is a very high level, loft goal. It is like becoming president. Not everyone wants to achieve that, but are happy with their life. That’s good. It’s ok. If LGBT are really happy, then I bless them. Let them get married. Let them adopt, if the children agree. Let them be HAPPY, it is in the Declaration of Independence! Which is also like the Bible, an Inspired writing. The last spoken by Jesus in his rapture talks is that two men lying down, one will be raptured, that refers to? Even practicing LGBTs can be saved. But that is a different thing from inheriting the Kindom. Hope that helps, Jesus LOVES you all, LOVES us all, His LOVE knows no bounds, -James


    • James, thanks for you comment. I am doing fine how are you? I don’t really understand what you’re saying here… I’m sorry. I don’t feel indifference to thanking God or inheriting the kingdom. I don’t agree with raising the declaration of independence to the level of Biblical inspiration. Basically, I’m just confused what you said here. If you don’t mind emailing me to expound a bit, I’d love that. Thanks for your thoughts!


  3. SS, you asked for my comments. Romans 1:26-27 refers to idolatrous worship: in the rituals of Cybele and others there was sexual intercourse. That is clear from v25, which refers to “worshipping the creature rather than the Creator”. It does not refer to mutual love, nor to people who are naturally gay- there is a choice. If homosexuality were “unnatural”, it would not exist. Equal marriage is a civil rights issue: gay people are entitled to be treated equally to straight people.

    As a Christian, I hope you would take your stand on the side of the gay people, with the oppressed, as Jesus would.

    I love the thought that God took part in the Declaration of Independence, and your Constitution. God’s servants are everywhere, doing God’s work.


    • Thanks so much for your input. And you know how I mentioned Kelly Brown Douglas, siding with the oppressed is her tag line. She was huge into liberation theology. You’d probably love her.
      I agree with your interpretation of the Romans passage. I’ve also heard it taken that to not be gay when one is naturally gay is to sin, come from this passage.
      Thanks again.


  4. Please check out what is available on the internet in regards to the assumption that people are ,”born that way”, or ,”naturally gay”, and the race and subsequent inalienable rights afforded at great cost to those who are a unique and legitimate race unto themselves.
    Because the integrity of what is defined as race at stake.
    Behavior does not constitute race, therefore the moral integrity of being homosexual is dependent on the moral acceptability of that behavior and the basis for concluding such.
    We all agree that race is biologically verifiable by genetic testing and DNA.
    After decades of clinical testing to find such from institutions world wide, we have no such proof.
    Any test that seems to show these signs is disproved by the next test because clear evidence of ,”naturally gay”, does not exist.
    We were told by the American Psychiatric Association,(APA),back in the late 80s- early 90s, that their opinion was that people are,” born that way.”
    The APA made that statement long before we had DNA science sophisticated enough to prove or disprove such a claim.
    In 2008 the APA admitted they could not genetically prove that claim in a pamphlet they still have published at their web site, titled,(Answers to Your Questions About Homosexuality). I believe the lack of proof statement is on page two and the fourth paragraph down.
    I grew up with five older brothers, two of which were gay and died of AIDS related cancers.
    Understanding homosexuality has been a matter of life long reflection and based on knowledge that only brothers share.



    • Hey, I really appreciate your well thought out comments! However, I’ve resigned to support people and allow God to do the judging. I feel no need to continue with science questions. I do wonder though since you seem very interested and personally invested in the topic have you seen the documentary on Love in Action? I would love your thoughts on it to grow my knowledge base.
      Thanks again for stopping by!


  5. My jury is in, but that doesn’t mean I need to attack anyone over the verdict! I do think “Lord, save us from your followers” is a wonderful thought. Yeah, there are way too many Christians who use the most unfortunate Bible quotes to justify their bigotry.


    • Indeed. Having the jury in isn’t the problem, so good for you! I still hit an impasse in scripture that I can’t resolve. Regardless, that’s who we should be. Causing conviction is above our pay grade.


  6. I don’t believe in homosexuality, and I don’t believe that real Christians should. God explicitly forbids it and it can harm and even kill humans, and is also quite disgusting how gay couples ‘cement’ their relationship. I hope that God will open your eyes to the truth someday. Homosexuality just isn’t natural.


    • I thank you for your comment and concern. My reply to you would be these questions. First, are we not Christ-ians? By this question I mean to ask do we not seek to follow Christ in word and deed? What does Christ say and do about homosexuality? Shouldn’t we do the same? My next question is this: do you have a relationship with anyone who is gay? If you wish to help someone find Christ shouldn’t you build a relationship with them to show them Christ through you? Isn’t that what Christ did? He was out building relationships with the people who most needed Him. Oughtn’t we do he same? I challenge you to read what Christ has said and done about homosexuality but I warn you, you’ll look a lot longer than you’ll have to read. As it turns out, when you read the words of Christ you begin to find He was not quite preoccupied with the sin at all, but instead with the sinner. May the Lord bless and keep you on your journey closer to Him.


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