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Checklist for Being Christian?

Don’t you know that all kinds if things can put your eternal resting place at stake? It’s no longer enough that one come to God, oh no. One must be so many things to be Christian. I don’t know if it’s an expression or if it’s serious, and that pains me greatly, but let’s stop asking if one can be Christian and:

Vote for the wrong candidate.

I see so many posts that ask ‘can you be Christian and vote for so and so“. What? So now my salvation depends on who I vote for? You’ve got to be kidding me. I want to blame Fox News for this mentality, but people are, or at the very least, should be in control of their own minds. We’ve let politics co-opt not only our church, and our language, but now even our salvation? This is completely redonkulous! How dare you threaten people (yes, threaten) on this level. Not only does picking the right candidate for your country’s, state’s or county’s best interest determine how your life may be, but now it also can put into questions one’s eternal destination? Knock it off!

Get a tattoo.

Your body is the temple of God. You can’t defile it with a tattoo and be Christian right? It’s interesting that that only applies when it suits the need of the church. Why aren’t we condemning over-eating? Lack of exercising? Bad posture? Plastic surgery? I think that the church judges people so quickly off of appearances. They concern themselves with their Sunday best and the semantics of modesty and believe that to have a tattoo is testifying your ungodliness at first glance.

Be gay.

I was reading on Yahoo answers a question a young man had. He asked if you could be gay and be Christian, because he had accepted Jesus and dedicated his life to God and they homosexual tendency didn’t disappear. Someone responded that he didn’t do it right. If he would only try again and mean it, then his life would follow. He would know that he truly accepted Christ when he was no longer gay. Another person wrote that if he wanted to go to heaven “he should get a wife.” Yes, because that’s what my Bible says….

Be Democrat.

It may seem redundant but this is my least favorite, because it makes no sense to me. We can’t vote for someone who supports abortion even though they’ll not change a dang thing. But we don’t have to worry about putting an end to death in wars we entered on false pretenses. We don’t have to concern ourselves with the people who die because they can’t afford medical care, after all, we can’t be handing out freebies. All of those deaths and other things that are basic Christ-like values are over-ruled by someone who uses abortion as a pawn to trap the elusive evangelical voting base.


“A drop up here isn’t worth an eternity down there.” How one guy described his legalistic church’s thoughts on alcohol. It’s interesting isn’t that many churches condemn any drinking, but Christ turned water into wine at a wedding. The legalistic church have solved this quandary by saying that wine wasn’t fermented the way it is now and thus, didn’t make them drunk. Why? Why are we struggling to qualify this tiny thing?

Sadly and wonderfully you can do all kinds of things and be a Christian. You can even be a hateful shrew and be Christian. It doesn’t mean that God approves of everything you do, and it doesn’t mean you are suddenly perfect. Let’s stop elevating things to this level, especially politics. We don’t need to give so much power to politics and to politicians to say that your eternal security rests on who you pick to run the country. That’s reducing God to partisan hack. Knock it off.

8 thoughts on “Checklist for Being Christian?

  1. Catholics can do every one of these things with little consternation. There are plenty of Catholics who struggle with same-sex attraction, and the Church acknowledges that it’s a struggle. Having those desires is not in itself a sin. Drinking, smoking, having tattoos – fine. The Democrats were just fine (and I voted for them) until very recently, when they’ve set their party platform against the Church. The Church doesn’t — and still hasn’t — taken a political position other than standing against particular policies.


    • Hey, thanks for dropping by. By the Church, I meant the Christian Church. And it’s not really about what they say from the pulpit or do officially it’s the mentality. I was pursuing posts on here and elsewhere and thinking back on my upbringing. It’s questions like can you be Christian and vote for a Mormon? kind of stuff that I was talking about. Christians are the ones posting things like that and I don’t know if they use it as a figure of speech or not, but it should stop. Thanks so much for you comment!


      • Yeah, I didn’t understand your reference to “the Church” as to the Catholic Church. I was just pointing out that Catholics — so often overlooked by Protestants (I know I always did) — are a bit different in their mentality. The things you’re talking about here are some of the main things that drove me away from the evangelical persuasion of Christians.


  2. I really liked this post. When I read the “homosexual” section, I about banged my head on the keyboard, but this laptop was expensive. But they all reflect the same misunderstanding: sanctification (being made right/pure/insert nice word here), is a process that STARTS when you become a Christian. Converting doesn’t “purge you of all sin.”
    And on the wine one, my grandmother actually does believe that the wine Jesus made wasn’t real wine, just grape juice. People only thought it was wine because they were drunk. I love you, Grandma…sigh…


  3. I am Christian and gay. Being gay is not a sin. Acting on those attractions is not a sin, either: “it is not good for the person to be alone”.

    Christianity is not a notion, but a way. The issue is not, are our beliefs straight, but our actions. And my actions are the issue for me, and no-one else’s.

    As you say, policy on abortion should not be the deciding factor in voting, but all the policies. Only in America can someone in favour of foreign wars, guns and the death penalty call himself pro-life. Rich white men should not get the votes of poor people to increase taxes on poor people, and decrease spending for the good of all, and decrease taxes on rich people, and attempt to control women’s bodies, by pledging to oppose equal marriage. It is not “Christian”, it is fraud.

    Do stay Christian, though. Read the words of Jesus. Live well. That is what matters.


    • Haha. Yes, the things that go along with the “pro-life” side as a package are ridiculous. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it says “thou shall not kill” not thou shall not bill unless…

      I think I will stay Christian, though at some point I could see myself running away to Buddhism with the red letters by my side. =)

      I don’t want to try to make you into a spokeswoman or anything, but I’d love your input of my other post, if you don’t mind. And again, if you don’t mind, what is your take on Romans 1:26-27. I’ve heard different interpretations of that text and was curious as to what you thought of it. I ask in lovingkindess, and have no agenda other than to hear your thoughts.

      Don’t worry if you don’t feel like it.

      Thanks so much for the comment.


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