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Misleading You?

Perhaps I haven’t been clear in my intentions…
I don’t write for you.
I write for me.
I’m no guru
Or specialist.
I know no more than the next person.
I like to ask questions.
I do this because it builds my  faith.

I’m not a Christian counselor.
I’ve no intention of this being a Christian Counseling blog.
And I hope you don’t see it
That way.
Perhaps I’ve been misleading
If honesty can be misleading
I suppose I can be too.
That’s what I intend here,
Nothing more and nothing less.
I’ve promised I’ll leave nothing out;
Not to you, but to myself.
I’m struggling
I’m struggling to keep my head above water
To keep my faith alive
To trust myself and
To release my emotions.
I’m pushing myself to write it all.
It’s sometimes very wrong indeed,
But I will say that I warned you.
I warned you that it may be.
But that’s honesty
It’s not always pretty and sometimes it is
Wrong, very wrong indeed.
So if you’ve been misled,
And you’re staring at the gates of Hell,
And you think you’ve got me to blame
Blame me.
Blame me, because I’ll stand by it.
Whatsoever is honest…
Whatsoever is honest…
That’s all I promised here.
That’s all I intend to guarantee.
And I won’t change it.
Say what you must, but I won’t change it for you.
Not for you.

2 thoughts on “Misleading You?

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