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Real marriage isn’t a fairytale

Some are worried about gay marriage destroying the foundation of marriage. If they really mean that why aren’t they attacking all the the other things that actually are. Vegas, Hollywood and fairytale seem more detrimental to me.

I feel alone, and empty a lot of the time. He hurts my feelings and annoys the hell out of me. I don’t want him around sometimes and I’m not always up for sex. It doesn’t mean my marriage sucks though. It just means that I’m married. Things aren’t perfect. They are broken and frustrating. The fact that we stay together is what makes it a marriage. When asked how they managed to stay together for fifty years, one couple said that when they were growing when something broke, you fixed it. We don’t have that mentality anymore. We just go get a new one. So, maybe consumerism is to blame.

I’m not saying I’m above divorce or that I think it definitely won’t happen to me. I’m just saying that if we fought in front of kids and made up (not sexually) in front of our kids maybe they would realize that marriage isn’t a fairytale. It takes work, and when one or both of you get hurt it doesn’t have to be the end.

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