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Exposed: Ready or not?

A fellow blogger: “I find your Christianity absolutely fascinating. You did theology at college, and that theologian you mentioned seemed fairly liberal. You “struggle” with what sounds like strongly Evangelical faith, and attend a Unitarian church- with your husband? And that poetry. Just what are you “struggling” with? Writing anonymously, are there details changed to hide your identity from family and friends?”

My reply: “You lay me bare. No details changed. What I offer could only be figured out by people who cared to try and there’s only one person I could see doing that and it’s him… and myself I write for.”

Sometimes a little distance is all you need to see clearly.

I hope she won’t mind me posting this, but I thought it was poignant.
For what reason, I’ve really no idea.
These are hard questions, very hard.
They stop me, and force me to turn in on myself.
I love that, because I don’t know, and
I do.
But maybe I don’t want you to yet,
Or maybe I do and that’s why I chose this medium.



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