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Pretend Perfection

That’s what our culture wants of us. That’s what they sell us. That’s what we buy:

Pretend Perfection.
We rarely mature passed playing dress up.

I’ve been talking to him lately
I can tell he’s scared to death
Quite literally.
He finds death an option to speak with
To sleep with,
Rather than to avoid.

We ask ourselves, is this what a good husband would act like?
Is this how a good Christian would vote?
Is this how a good wife would dress?
But we never stop to realize that those roles are what we make them.
Be a good husband and act how you act. That’s how a good husband acts.
Be a good Christian and vote as you feel lead. That’s how a good Christian votes.
Be a good wife and dress how you dress. That’s how a good wife dresses.

You’re not perfect.
Don’t let trying to be crush you.
Don’t fake it,
You’ll only help others do the same.
If you must fail, and you must,
Do it honestly.

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