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What’s with all the hostility man??

Have you ever left a comment and had the blogger bite your head off when you meant your question or concern sincerely?

Have you, as a blogger for no reason really known to you, ever left a scathing response to a comment that you felt was meant sarcastically or argumentatively?

I have felt both. I have done both. Why? I think that in spite of how casually we present our ideas we all take this rather seriously. We write about things close to heart. Maybe things that we haven’t told others or have been theorizing about for a long time. They are often things that we hold dear to us or are things that we want a certain thing to come from. Writing is very personal for me, and I think I mustn’t be alone in that. I know for me, when someone attacks something I’ve written, it feels like an attack on me. Not always, mostly with the things that I have personal experience with. As a blogger, I feel protective of my ideas, my pieces and stand ready to defend them. As a commenter, sometimes I am trying to ruffle feathers and sometimes I just want to ask a question. I just know that from now on, I’m going to work harder to respect others work and to make sure people are trying to be obnoxious… before I call them on it. I don’t know about you, but I could use a little less hostility, especially with all the election coverage. =)

5 thoughts on “What’s with all the hostility man??

  1. I can totally relate to this! When I first started blogging, I felt naked, in a sense. It was a weird thing to know anyone can read what I write and give their opinion about it! 🙂 Very well said, here in this post. Thank you!


  2. This is interesting to me, although it makes me a little introspective, which I sometimes try to avoid. I write with the sole intention of producing a reaction, and I often hope for a bit of hostility, because I think that reveals the true condition and character of the commenter, which is exactly what I mean to focus on. My writing is, I suppose, no less personal, but in a different sense. When my ideas or beliefs are attacked, I am prepared for it. When I am attacked personally, I do become a bit defensive, in person if not in my written response. I guess I protect my feelings by writing about things that are perfect targets in themselves, and thus I am shielded from the attack. I write about things I think and believe, but I rarely write about ME. It is a brave and inspiring thing for those of you who put yourselves out there, and “get naked” in front of the world. That’s real, that’s testimony. And I thank you for it…


    • I’m sorry it took so long to reply. I’ve not known exactly what to say.
      One day several years ago, I had a self study with my friends and fellow theology majors. It was our capstone. We all decided how we were going to speak to one another. We decided that to truly value one another we would listen without preparing what we want to say and take a mandatory minute after someone spoke to us to respond. I realized then how much wisdom I was missing by being defensive and swore I’d try to knock it off. It’s a real battle for me. Probably my biggest self-made stumbling block. That preparation can keep you from collaboration and growth.
      Anyway, you’re welcome. Thank you for your comments. And I hope I made a bit of sense in my rambling. It was what i really wanted to write, though, sensical or non.


  3. I have learned in the past year to ALWAYS wait before responding, whether to a positive or negative comment. My first reactions are rarely well-formed or thought out, and sometimes not even coherent. Even one minute makes a huge difference. In regular conversation, I also realized that there are times where the other person wasn’t quite finished, and taking a moment to respond gives them a moment to finish the thought. “Listen without preparing what we want to say” – that is my biggest struggle; I am always thinking ahead, and I know I miss some important thoughts.


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