First love / Life / Thoughts

Have I told you the penguin story?

I said: ‘Why no you haven’t”

I thought: I hope this answers some questions and sheds some light…

“Well, the penguin is in love with the elephant, and being that they only ever have one love the penguin waits until the elephant is alone to talk about it. Well when the lions found out about the penguins love they teamed up with the tigers to move the elephant to a different land. Well the other penguins didn’t agree with the love so they outcast the penguin and sent him away. So for years the penguin searched high and low for his elephant.

One of his first stops, at the land of fallen trees, the beavers completely understood his love. See, beavers can love anything they want. They helped the penguin a lot, in fact told him that the worms know more information on the the lions whereabouts. but the worms make the beavers crazy so they couldn’t provide anything else. So the penguin drudged through the terrible land the worms inhabit, fighting off fiend after fiend, monster after monster.

Finally the penguin made it to the worms… to conspire the lions sent the catapillers to destroy the worms home and kill the worms. They let the penguin go as catapillers are very programmed and were not told to kill the penguin and did not have contact with the lions to ask, they instead moves on to the next Target, the beavers.

As the penguin waded through the dead bodies and blood that flood their land, he came across a half bitten worm. now this worm had just enough life in him to tell the penguin what path to follow in order to get to the top lion. The penguin thanked him as he let out his last breath and gave each of all the worms a proper burial.

He followed the path for almost 13 years. Dealing with the murderous assassins sent by the head lion. Meeting with new friends and old enemies. Fighting, learning, hurting he finally made it to the lions den.

As he is a penguin he didn’t stand a chance against the lions, though he took 5 of them out as they captured him. He was instantly brought in front of the head lion to decide the fate of the penguin. The head lion began laughing hysterically, this went on for almost 10 minutes. He then calmed down and said death, this penguin will be our meal for tonight. As the lions gathered around, the penguin noticed some bones next to the entrance to the chambers. They were the elephants bones, he could tell because of a specific design on the left tusk, he screamed out why?

The head lion chuckled and said…

I don’t want you to love her, I don’t like it and I have stopped it….

The lions then began tearing into the flesh of the penguin. Being very careful not to take to much off at a time. eventually the penguin died, smog the laughter and joy of the lions content, never knowing what it was like to fully appreciate his love, knowing that she died because of him, empty, dying, empty and dead………..”

Penguins, elephants and lions oh my!
You always have to Speak in riddles
You always have to confuse me, yes?
You never speak clearly.
I wonder if that’s what your notebooks
Will be full of… riddles
Will you ever
Can you even
Lay your soul bare?
I guess that’s not how it works with us….

I guess I’m stuck in darkness
Oppressed by your riddles.

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