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For Christianity Sake, I can’t wait until the election is over!!!

I just read another purely political post put up in the Christianity section, Why I ask? Because this election is a war on Christianity, and faith doesn’t stop at the church steps. But… there’s not even mention of that in the post. It’s all about the best of the things that one has said, and the worst that the other has said. Not a single mention of this so called ‘war on Christianity.” At least this time they aren’t trying to say President Obama is a Muslim. Anyway, this person though aggravating is by far not alone in this religio-politcal mess. And I just can’t wait until it’s over. It’s seems to me that American Christians somehow feel that our eternal destination is somehow tied to how we vote.

If we don’t choose Romney, then we’ll part ways with Israel and the world will end. If we don’t choose President Obama, then people will lose their benefits and be put into hardship. If we don’t vote for Romney, the Bible and our right to read it and talk about it will disapparate (yes, I miss Harry Potter). If we don’t vote for President Obama, Christianity will be subjected to a parade of “war in the name of” again. If we don’t vote for Romney, then we’ll end up like Sodom and Gomorrah because maybe gay marriage will be legal. If we don’t vote for President Obama, gays and lesbians won’t be able to make their marriage legal before God.

Let’s face it though. The Christian right is by far the loudest and proudest amongst us. I don’t even have tv and I can’t go a week without hearing another shenanigan about how America is going to the dogs because of welfare and other government subsidies. It’s interesting isn’t it how quickly we forget what we were taught as youth isn’t it? I mean didn’t we grow up thinking that feeding the hungry, healing the sick and turning the other cheek is what Jesus did. It’s funny but feeding the hungry kind of reminds me of food stamps. Healing the sick makes me wonder if Jesus asked if people could afford it before he healed them…kind of sounds like universal healthcare. And let’s not even get into life, war, abortion and turning the other cheek. It seems to me that depending on what part of your Christian education you choose to focus on, you could choose a different candidate then say, another true Christian. How about that. What I mean to say is true Christians can find themselves on either side of the aisle. We are not called to take a side here on earth. We are called to stand with what is right. And I think that what both sides can agree on is that neither side is completely right. So, for Christianity’s sake can we please stop asking who a true Christian can vote for, and just try to be a true Christian and do as we feel lead after research and prayer.

3 thoughts on “For Christianity Sake, I can’t wait until the election is over!!!

  1. I am still absorbing the thought I read over a woman’s shoulder on the train: the war is not between theists and atheists but between those who would increase human freedom and those who would suppress it, and control it. I would increase human flourishing by, for example, support for the poor, which England has had since the sixteenth century, when England was less prosperous than the US is now. I would increase it by permitting gay marriage: I am, of course, defending traditional marriage by campaigning for this, because I am asserting that two people can live in love together life long, and that is the fundamental “traditional” part of marriage. All the rest, such as arrangement of the marriage by the parents, or dowries, can come and go.


  2. yeah, when you support the poor, GOD supports you,

    as for marriage, the LORD said that in Heaven we would neither be married or be given in marriage, so the New Way is not to be married in the traditional sense,


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