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Penchant for the Wind. Thank you Sandy.

I’ve always had this penchant for wind.
It’s beautiful
I love it.
The storm has been raging
But the wind comforts me
It always has.
Several times today I’ve gone outside
And as the wind whips my hair around my face
I feel serenity
I feel calm
I feel right.
Inside the wind is kind of scary
It shakes the house
And moves my seat.
I remember the empty shelves I saw
That was frightening and silly
But outside in the wind
It is so transcendent.
I’m so outside myself in it.
I should be worried
I should be nervous and concerned
I’m not.
When I stand in the wind it carries my cares away
And I’m left in peaceful wholeness
In awe of a Creator
In awe of life itself
And how small and very very important I feel.
I can feel God in the wind.
So as I sit and wait for my power to go out
I’ll not feel worried about tomorrow
I’ll not worry about the flooding
I’ll just think about the wind
And how I feel when it’s in my hair.
I’ve always had a thing for the wind.
It’s sexy as hell.

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