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Red or Blue. Are there even more than two colors?

If a state majority happened to vote a candidate who was not democrat or republican, what color would the states turn?

One of my favorite things during the election season is watching the states turn colors as the votes roll in. It’s relief and anxiety rolled into one. You’re so excited that you’re going to have a new President and your anxious about who it will be. Plus, the prospect of not hearing about an election for a while is undeniably great. So when I asked my husband if we could go to his parents house to watch the colors turn (we don’t have tv), all these things were running through my mind.

As a registered independent, it’s a lose-lose situation for me. I know my candidate will not win if I vote for a Libertarian or Green Party or other alternative party. I also know that not a single state will turn any color other than red or blue. Of course, I prefer one side to another, but it’s still rather depressing knowing that the person you believe is best for the job, rather than the lesser of two evils, will fail. But to think that I’ve never seen another color on that map, that is really hard. Aren’t we supposed to be a nation of options and opportunity? I mean, I don’t even know if they picked other colors for the states to turn if that should happen. Obviously Green party would be green, but what about Libertarian? And if they did turn other colors, would people accuse the voters of being less patriotic for making America’s map turn colors that aren’t in our flag? I don’t doubt it for a second. I guess they’d have to make the other parties white, so as to keep us patriotic. Maybe in my lifetime I’ll see a state turn another color. Maybe someday, I’ll be elderly walking into a voting booth and believing that maybe this could really be the year that I would have more than two viable options. Until then, I’ll sit and watch the states turn red and blue and keep feeling like America is supposed to be have than just two options, more than just two sets of values, more than two paths to take.

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