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God loves you, even if Christians don’t.

I’ve had long conversations with people asking me to “tell the truth”. They want me to give answers not ask questions. They want me to tell you the truth so that you will know God. They say I’m pushing you away from God by not simply saying that Jesus is the only way to get to Heaven and that you must know and believe that He was killed, buried and rose again the third day with the explicit purpose that the world could be saved. They want me to say that the only way to Heaven is by asking Jesus to be your personal Savior and if you don’t you will burn in Hell. They want me to tell everyone who believes in God through another religion is going to burn in Hell. They want me to insist on this with atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and any other manner of people. They want me to love you….. Well, at least that’s what they say it’s all about. If I really loved you I would never stop telling you the only truth you really need to hear. That’s real love.

honestWhen I was learning how to cook, my Mom used to take my hand and let me stir when the sauce was done. She’d tell me to smell it and let me know when it was done while I was smelling it. She would bring me over and show me what things looked like when they were cooked. She’d ask me pointed questions once I got a little better like: Does it smell done yet? I learned how to cook very young and felt confident in what I was doing. Now when I work with kids, I do the same things. My first memory of knowing that she’d helped me greatly was when I was cooking onions with a teen. When we’d cut them up he was crying pretty bad, and when they were done cooking I called him over to smell them. He said that they smelled sweet and I asked if he thought they were done. I thought to myself that my Mom had taught me well. She’d given me confidence and ability without my even knowing it. That’s love. It’s direction oriented. It’s preparing a child for the future without making them a puppet. It’s showing how to do life without demanding it be done the same way, while it still ends up that way. It’s teaching through one’s own knowledge base and meeting the person where they’re at. It’s knowing that if they touch that pipe a hundred times, you’ll still love them just the same.

Until I started writing on here, I didn’t distinguish between truth and honesty. After all, my honesty reveals my truth. It doesn’t mean that I am right, but it’s the way I see things and therefore my truth. When people say “tell the truth” they mean be honest right? Well, I’m being honest that I don’t know all truth, only what I perceive to be the truth and that may be wrong. To the ever elusive them  I say, I’ll be honest. That’s the best that I can do. That’s what I ask of myself. If that’s not enough for you, write about on your blog.

6 thoughts on “God loves you, even if Christians don’t.

  1. The Catholic Church doesn’t take the hard and harsh line that evangelicals do, that “anyone who doesn’t believe exactly what we do is going to hell.” According to them, most of us are going to hell, too. But we acknowledge that we serve a God who is infinite in mercy, and that people who of all faiths, not just Catholics and not just Christians, can live good lives and live according to the precepts of the Gospel, and that our merciful God has the power to grant them salvation, too. We are never in the business of saying who goes to hell or who can’t be saved — in the end, we all fall into God’s merciful hands.

    Ask questions. Ask them probingly and don’t hold back. Be honest, with yourself and with others. Especially question your biases and try to root them out. Personally, I truly believe that while most world religions, if founded in genuine faith and spirituality, have some insight into the divine and some shadow of the truth — when all the facts are weighed and the biases cleared, the Christian Gospel does ring true. Pray that God — even if you don’t know who He is or know what is true — will guide you to the truth. The prayer of Thomas Merton has always meant a lot to me:


    • Thank you for your clarification. I often leave out the Catholic church when referencing Christianity. Sadly, I’ve not overcome that part of my Christian education. I worry they’ll forever be separate in my mind. I do love that prayer. I’ve read it on your blog before I think.
      I too think that the Christian gospel rings true, and that, doesn’t mean people cannot lead godly lives in other faiths.
      Thank for your insights. They’re always appreciated!


  2. Tell me if I have shared this here before, but- the “narrow way” is not the True Christianity, and every one else goes the broad way to Hell. The Broad way is that of seeking to conform and follow the herd, and the narrow way is that way which is idiosyncratically perfect, just for you.

    I think there is One Truth, but it is so complex it is only knowable in the mind of God. We just see fragments and facets of it. So, to tell the truth as you see it is all you can do.


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