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I’m judgmental. I admit it.

When I read these blogs from people who are kind of giving Sunday school lessons in every post, I wonder what they’re hiding. I mean, their lives can’t be that simple. They can’t always be that cheery, defined, Sunday school teacher version of themselves. I like to imagine their situations. I like to think that many of them have been raised Christian. I assume they attended a Christian school, were home-schooled, or their parents were extremely protective outside of school. I then, picture most of them continuing on schools like BJU, Pensacola, Marantha, Liberty, or Clearwater. They’ve rarely or never had their faith tested. And when they have, they’ve not questioned theology. It may not be the case, but that’s what I imagine, mostly because that was the path my life could have taken.

Sometimes, though I’m ashamed to admit it, I wish they’d have to be put in a situation to test their own advice. When a Christian woman’s counseling blog tells women that they should always want to have sex with their husbands and if they don’t, they shouldn’t be surprised when they cheat; I kind of wish that they would get cheated on. It’s not so simple when it’s you is it?  When I read the pro-life blogs, I wonder what people think of war. Can you reduce innocent lives to collateral damage? Is that really what Christ would do? Are those innocent lives less important because they are tangled with war? I kind of wish that they would be put in that situation. When I hear that depression is a lack of faith, I kind of wish those people would experience it. Yeah, I’m not proud of those thoughts, but they are there. But is it really that awful of me to make people want to do what they are telling others to do? If they are willing to shackle others with their personal theologies, shouldn’t they be perfectly fine living them out? But for some reason, maybe it’s presentation, when I tell them I hope they experience it someday; I’m awful. Well, I’m sorry I’m cruel for wishing you had to take your own advice someday; but on the other hand, if it’s so awful… why are you giving that advice?

Thank God I’m only encouraging honesty, and struggle for truth on here.

But even worse than that, when I’m not wishing that people would eat their words, I’m wondering if they even think at all. Have they ever really asked themselves the tough questions? Do they really not see what is the tension with God’s omniscience, omnipotence, omni-benevolence and evil’s existence? Do they simply sit in church and nod, and take the pastor’s view as truth inherently?  Do they really believe that the way we, in America right now, are reading the Bible the only way it can be read? Do they really think we are the light of the world? Do they really believe that we are the be all end all of Biblical interpretation and therefore the authority on salvation for all time? Really? Come on, I know you’re not thinking now…

Again, if God is truth, then why are you so afraid of questions?

7 thoughts on “I’m judgmental. I admit it.

  1. Starting blogging, and coming round the Spirituality/ God/ Issues posts has given me an insight into US Christianity which has amazed and depressed me. Betty Bowers nails it, as does Margaret Atwood. “Pro-life” is so pro-making life hard for the Bad people. Anti-equal marriage is pointing to those Bad people over there, and saying they are going to Hell, and it is right to be disgusted by them.


    • Indeed. It’s quite depressing sometimes. But it’s good to be on here too, because sometimes you meet people from other countries and realize we don’t have the Christian market cornered. Some days, that’s the only thing keeping me a self-labeled Christian. If American Christianity were it, I’d definitely be out.


  2. Just because God is perfect, and people wants to teach a perfect image of Him, doesn’t mean that they’re putting forth a false image of themselves. Some of them are, but many people think its important to let their light shine even when things are gloomy behind the “veneer.” I struggle with depression. A lot of times I just don’t feel like blogging. But I always want to speak the truth, and I think it’s important to speak even when I’m struggling.


    • Agreed. I am simply judgmental of the people unwilling to admit there are those hard times, as you’ve said. Again though, not a character aspect I’m terribly fond of, just the truth. And obviously I agree about speaking when you are struggling. Hehe. It’s kind of my thing. But my highest priority is honesty.


  3. I haven’t known 1 woman who made the tough call, to not deeply regret and be sorrowful for life about their decision. That shows heart. A problem many of us have is we think we are SO smart. We underestimate others, especially children. We can come to the table with the truth that everyone is very smart and capable and very good (just different, especially in different situations), so how can we help?


  4. I believe that we’ve been brainwashed into thinking it’s weird, unbelievable, or hypocritical to be happy all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that a lot of people put that on as a front to hide what they are truly going through.

    But, the Gospel is good news. I posted this today

    God sent Jesus to Earth, as a man, to walk out perfection and fulfill the Old Testament law. The value of something is determined by the price paid. We were bought with a price. God sent Jesus to die on that tree so we could be reconciled back to our Father. That’s a high price to pay. God wanted us to know that we are valuable. He created us in His very own image. That alone should make us eternally happy.

    Trials will come. That’s a guarantee. But none of them change the truth of the Gospel. Too often, we allow life to determine our value and worth. We get buffeted by hard times and start to question God, while the fact remains, He sent His Son for us. Jesus died on the Cross not to point out our sin, but to uncover our true identity. We are sons and daughters of God.

    As Christians, we are called to walk by faith, not by feelings.


    • I agree with the general sentiment of your post. There is very little that separates the Christian from the non-christian in American churches today. We are not showing Christ’s love the way that we should.
      I think your comment on my post though is not the main point in your other post. It seems a bit off topic actually. Also, I think that we are saying the same thing in different ways. I don’t think there’s anything in my post that in any way implies that trials should negate faith. Or that feelings dictate whether or not we have faith in any way. In fact, I am saying just the opposite. I think that Christians who insist that we always appear to be happy because we have life in Christ. I want Christians to be honest with themselves and other people that sometimes you think life sucks. And that not all your problems are magically solved by being a Christian. That’s a lie we often seem to try to sell to the world. Come to Christ and you’ll be happy. That’s why so many people pray that prayer and then walk away when their lives don’t just fall into line.
      In your post you say that to follow Christ is to take up our cross… is that cross eternal happiness? Christ says that He came to us life more abundant, not life only happy. Life is ups and downs, doubt, questions, pain, and happiness. Just because someone is miserable at the moment doesn’t mean that they aren’t saved or have a crappy relationship with Christ. This is the main concern of my post. People who struggle with depression are no weaker of a Christian than another, nor are people who ask all kinds of questions.
      I wrote this post after reading a Christian women’s counseling blog where the lady was telling people who were clinically depressed to surrender to Christ and He’ll just fix them. She also wrote another post saying that as a Christian woman we need to submit to sex with our husband whenever they want it and if we don’t we shouldn’t be surprised if the cheat. It’s ridiculous!
      Whatsoever is true, whatsoever is honest…. think on these things, yes? This is both true and honest.
      I hope that you read a little more of my blog for context sake. My main goal is honesty about my faith and life because many people feel very isolated from faith because of the lies, the falsity, the inability of people’s faith to weather questions and honesty. I feel that denial is a stumbling block to the unsaved and I feel that putting on this everything is great and must be great front is as well.
      I hope that makes it a bit more clear. May you find blessings on your journey.


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