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Decided Independent: I’m voting for President Obama

I am a registered independent. And I am Christian. This election I have kept every option on the table until the last couple days. I very seriously considered voting for Gary Johnson for a long time. But now I have decided that I am going to vote for President Obama. As a Christian raised in a highly evangelical Baptist church, school, and community; I feel a lot of pressure to vote republican from my family and old friends. The first thing they usually say to me is that I can’t vote for him because he’s for abortion. Then they usually ask me what he’s done for me.

Let me say that I was formerly a registered and fervent republicans until 2008. I forced my parents to get registered to vote, so they could vote for Bush… both times. I had a lot of faith in him that he would be a Christian representative and keep his fiscal promises. The war completely changed my mind when I began to really dig into my faith. I came to the realization that “pro-life” extends beyond babies. Life does not end when one is birthed. Life extends until death. To have a consistent ethic of life, I believe one must consider All life. I don’t feel that it is cut and dry. I think we have to consider lives as precious throughout their journey, but doing that doesn’t simply mean- kill no one. For my ethic of life, one has to consider how many lives can be lost. If I could’ve shot Hitler, even with my ethic of life, I would morally support assassinating him. The lives lost by his living overrides his life. Now, this is my opinion. I do not want to pretend that I am the authority or someone who has a right to tell you how to develop your own ethic of life. Pray, search and study for yourself.  Beyond war and abortion, my ethic of life includes the dignity of life that I feel chosen euthanasia can provide a person in the last years of their life. The last thing that is a part of my ethic of life is the right to health. We live in a wealthy nation, but we engage in classism by saying that if you can’t afford healthcare, you can’t get it. To me that is not only heinous, it’s anti-biblical. I don’t remember Christ asking if those he healed had per-existing conditions or asking how long they have needed support. I do remember Christ healing who needed healed.

What has President Obama done for me? I am always glad that people ask me this question because to be honest, he has done a lot for my family personally. My father was permanently laid off from his factory job of 27 years at Woolrich. To be short, he was outsourced. He tried to get jobs, but he had only ever farmed and worked in a factory. He had no marketable skills and no education beyond high school in the most competitive job market of his lifetime. He temped, but was unable to get enough work to support them. They were upside down in their house, as they had bought during the height of the market. They were stuck. Not to mention that my mother was injured on her job at 31 years old, and was dependent on social security. So while I was listening to the presidential debates and hearing that McCain was planning an across the board freeze, it was easy to see that I couldn’t vote for him. Although the government would freeze money (except for the wars), the banks would definitely not. That would put my parents and many, many others on the street. And that being the case, my parents owe their house to President Obama.

As I mentioned before, my father couldn’t compete for jobs with more educated, more experienced people. President Obama began that program where you could receive assistance while returning to school. Yes, my parents had to sacrifice and cut every corner, but they were able to send him to school. My father now has a job and two associate’s degrees. Thank you Mr. President.

And thought they would never thank him for it, I thank President Obama for extending unemployment for my parents, and also for my in-laws. They were both let go due to downsizing and searched diligently for a job to no avail. These two are not unskilled. My father in law has a Master’s degree and he retired from the military, yet he still wasn’t the most qualified person applying for a box handlers position in a factory. These are not lazy people. They are victims of a down-turned economy. They are not dependent on the system. They used it while they needed it and moved on as soon as they could.

What’s the last thing President Obama has done for me personally? He kept my job available. I work at a non-profit, primarily government funded company. If government funds were frozen across the board. I would have been waiting for those checks in the mail too. Thank you, President Obama.

And in general, I want to thank him for holding to his word in Iraq and getting our troops home where they belong, by the date he said he would. We all know what it is to be promised the world and to receive absolutely nothing. So, thank you President Obama for keeping you promise. Thank you for being dignified, and posied. Thank you for thinking before speaking, for evolving before us, for keeping your faith private but not personal, for giving me a President that I am proud of. For that, I’ll give you for more years to turn around the awful mess you were handed.

4 thoughts on “Decided Independent: I’m voting for President Obama

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  2. I 100% agree with you. President Obama isn’t a perfect guy and I may not agree with all his values but for the most part, I am content with him being our President for another 4 years. Thanks for posting this.


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