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Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.

And unto God what is God’s.

I’m a little exhausted with this election season, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s almost over. Yesterday I was watching some sermons from Liquid Church online. It was a series called Poll. They do live polls of the congregation while discussing Biblical views on politics. At the beginning, the pastor was talking about what is due the government from us. Are we supposed to vote? Are we supposed to remain separate? Do we have to respect the President? But the first questions he talked about was do we have to pay taxes? 2000yrs and we’re still arguing about taxes.

Mark 12:15-17

The Pharisees were the conservative party back then, and the Herodians were the liberals. They both got together to ask Jesus whether or not they had to pay taxes.You know something is wrong when you have a bipartisan effort, right? Nothing has really changed. They tried to get Jesus to choose between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Caesar. That’s what it came down to. Do you serve God and not pay taxes to Caesar or side with God and refuse to bend knee to Caesar? Jesus takes the coin given Him (he didn’t have any money) and asked whose image was on the coin. Both parties answered that it was Caesar’s. Jesus then says, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” Well, I’ve heard this a million times, and I’m sure you have too. What I never thought critically about is: what is God’s? What has God’s image stamped on it? We do. We are made in God’s image are we not? So give to the government what has the government’s image on it, and give yourself to God. Not to a political party, not to a President. Your loyalty, your self should be God’s.

As you head out to vote, ask yourself whose party has the most influence on you? Is it the republicans, the democrats or is it God’s. Because let me tell you, God does not have a party allegiance. God agrees and disagrees with some of all parties. To live Christ-like, we need to follow those footsteps and stand with what’s right not with a political party but with God. Are you grasping for political power or are you acting in love? And what are you willing to sacrifice for what you’re asking of our government? If you want abortion to end, are you willing to adopt children? If you want everyone to have health care, are you willing to pay more?

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