Life / Love / Thoughts

Pros vs Cons

+ I check my computer less often
– I write less often
+ I’m building peace
– I’m falling asleep
+ I’m accepting my role
– I’m silencing self
+ My relationship with my husband is growing stronger
+ I realize why I wanted the things I wanted again
+ I’m not as touchy
– I’m trolling
– I’m sad over stupid things like penguins and water
– I’m not as observant
– I’m not as motivated
– I’m a little lonely
+ I’m making different friends
+ I’m reaching out to old ones
+ I’m apologizing for past wrongs
-I’m feeling left out

I’m wondering if you’ll be there when I come back
I’m wondering if you’ll come to reason and not answer me
I’m wondering if you could resist
I know I couldn’t
I’m wondering if you’re reading this….
I’m wondering if you even actually care to
I’m making a pro/con list….
It looks pretty even right now.

Results are imminent.



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