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I Almost Wasted Me

You were stealing my life with hope
I need there to be none
Because hope will keep me from living
I am sitting in front of the mirror of erised
Not knowing my life is passing along behind me.

There are dreams I have
Desires. Things I want
Goals I have had for years
Sitting in front of the mirror
I started to think I could have
What I never will
And during my trance
Time was really stealing my chance
I started to hope
And hope without hope is waste.

It was strangling my dreams,
But the truth
The truth is that there is no hope
I have no hope
And that is comforting
It tells me it’s okay to be happy
It’s okay to go for my dreams,
In this time, in this place.

I used to think my dreams
Were built on you
Couldn’t stand without you
That’s not true
They’re mine
Now that I know they can’t happen with you
I know they can still happen
They must happen without you
So I’m thanking you for killing my hope
And saving my dreams
Cause hope without hope is waste
Wasted life, wasted dreams
Wasted me.

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