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Glenn Beck Cult

Last week, I was over at my aunt and uncle’s house for my goddaughter’s birthday. After the girls went to bed, we sat down and talked. The election being so new and fresh in our minds we talked about it a good deal. I was surprised to hear some of the things they were saying. I have always known my aunt to be very firmly in the GOP column, but my uncle not so much. He is highly intelligent and generally chooses a moderate position. We have good discussions because I tend to Libertarianism in talking and he gets that. But while we were talking he mentioned that he really thought President Obama would be a multi-term president, meaning he would make some law that you could remain President more than twice. I looked at my husband and asked if my uncle watched one particular news station more than another. He said that he watched FoxNews, but that his ideas weren’t stated on TV. I shivered just a little. Then I asked him if there was a particular commentator he enjoyed more than others. He chose Glenn Beck among others, though last.

I needn’t have asked mind you, I already knew. Not trying to sound all conspiracy on you, but Glenn Beck leaves his stamp on the people who watch him very evidently. They tend not to claim outright that they really like Glenn Beck, but instead include him in a list of other pundits. They tend to mention Thomas Paine. They tend to have a fear of the government, and nearly always claim that President Obama and/or Islam have something to do with the anti-Christ. They also tend to mention standing by Israel without regard or mention of doing what is right, or having God be glorified in their actions. And often their views are not Biblical, but Christian. (Not everyone who watches Glenn Beck is this way, but I’ve certainly noticed a pattern.)

As I have said before, my husband and I don’t have television. We don’t watch the news on any station really. When we do it’s usually on CNN which we both find to be less bias than FOX or MSNBC. The longer we spend away from TV the more obvious every bias is. It’s very strange, but I really feel like I’m coming out of a trench that I didn’t even know I was in. I’m not saying these things to cause riffs or be divisive. I am saying them because my uncle said his views were not said on tv. My mother in law is the same as he is. She watches Fox News, really likes Glenn Beck and believes he is a born again Christian. She also believes that President Obama is the anti-Christ and that he will reign as dictator before leaving office. It scares me that different people could come to these extreme conclusions with the same influences and yet both say they didn’t get them from tv. It’s the same on blogs I read on here and elsewhere. It’s like people don’t really know that television can influence them to believe certain things. Not knowing is so dangerous. We watch more tv than we do any other single thing in our lives. That is bound to have an affect on us. The next time you see a commercial for pizza and you start to get hungry, remember that every news station has the ability to affect your mind like that with different things. Be on alert and guard your mind.

I know I sound crazy. Maybe going without television makes you crazy. Dare to try it and tell me your experience?

7 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Cult

  1. I have heard two other people voice the fact they believe O is the anti christ and they were totally serious. Personally, i don’t have TV so I will continue to hope for the best and expect nothing.


  2. Like the post and certainly understand the concern over and for those that just accept an idea without thinking it over. I did have one question however. You state “And often their views are not Biblical, but Christian.” How is that even possible? By the way I have not owned a TV for over a year and with very few exceptions I dont miss it at all.


    • Honestly, it’s not. But that’s what we have today in America a religion called Christianity that is really “Churchianity” and has let political beliefs overtake Christ-like beliefs and actual Biblical principles.

      Me either. I still watch the two or three shows I like on hulu though. I love Master Chef!


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