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My Beside Book Collection

I tend to read more than one book at a time. When I say that, I mean I tend to read many books at a time. today I cleaned out my bedside books and these were the ones I had. Over 20 books were there. I know there are only 18 in the picture but I had already put a couple away before I stacked them all into a pile and realized how many there were. I’ve read all the fiction books in their entirety, but several of the non-fiction are left unfinished. I read Is Jesus a Democrat or Republican, Following Jesus without Embarrassing God, Jesus for President, and Blues and Evil, but the rest… not so much.

What do these books say about me? Well, obviously I have a penchant for blues theology at the moment. I like the plight of the working man. I’m interested in Islam and how kids can’t stay kids for very long. I am also interested in politics. But really what they say about me is that I have varied interests and no ability to stick to one thing. I haven’t finished many of the non-fiction books, so I think that says that I don’t have much true drive for knowledge. Otherwise I could stick it out through these sometimes boring books to find some knowledge and information. Okay maybe I’m reading too much into my own collection of books. Anyway after I stared these books down a while, I picked four to stay by my bed, so that I could finish them. These ones made the cut.

Now, what do these ones say about me? Obviously that I like repetition right considering I’ve read two out of four before. And that I am still battling with my faith and the church. Anyway, I’m going to stop obsessing over my collection of books and ask about yours.

What are you reading right now? Anything interesting? Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

10 thoughts on “My Beside Book Collection

  1. I’ve only read two of those books. Blue Like Jazz, which I enjoyed, and Harry Potter, which I love.

    I too read several books at once. Recent or current ones (shown with *) include:

    Simply Jesus by NT Wright – a summary by a leading historian.
    Stasiland by Anna Funder – an interesting but horrifying account of the Stasi in communist East Germany.
    Influencer – a bunch of behavioural scientists look at how to influence people.
    * God and other Spirits by Philip Wiebe – a philosopher looks at the evidence for non-physical beings and how we might test it.
    * Jesus of Nazareth by Maurice Casey – a historian and non-believer sees a lot of evidence for the life of Jesus.
    * The Diamond Age – Neal Stephenson – SciFi novel.


    • Thanks! Lots of inspiration there! Have you read any Skinner? He was the one who said he would tell you exactly who his child would be then controlled her influences until she was seven then tested her in her twenties to see if she turned out the way he planned. Creepy.


  2. When Harry Potter books got that fat, they lost quality.

    I loved “The Great Divorce”, and in particular the man pulling a lizard off his shoulder, whispering vileness in his ear- it became his steed.

    But why struggle on if the book bores you? Why not go to one which you like?


  3. God! And here I was thinking I was the only one who always had 10+ books (or e-books) going at the same time! I’m reading Rachel Evan’s book “A Year of Biblical Womanhood” now and I need to stop every so often to let it soak in. I am not sure, as a man, if I am allowed to read it but since Amazon was willing to sell it to me I guess it is OK. I can’t even read a fiction book all the way through. I keep reaching points where the characters make choices and wondering what would be next had they chosen another way. I’ve got like 50 book deviations floating around in my head.


  4. No I have not read Skinner. How did it turn out? Did he predict how she turned out?

    I felt the opposite about Harry Potter – I thought the first two were the weakest, and 3 & 7 the best.


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