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My Thanksgivings

This year I am thankful forThe peace I feel in my home
The joy my husband brings to my life
Everyday he inspires me
The gorgeous home I get to live
Though I complain about the little things
The abundance of food I get eat
Unhealthy as it maybe
The amount of help I can give to others
And the hope that should I need it
They will help me too.
I am thankful for this crazy country
And all the things good and bad
Things I want to change and
Things I want to keep about it.
I’m thankful for my job
And that I have one.
For the kids I get to work with everyday.
I’m thankful for the time I have
Just me and my husband before we have children
But I’ll be thankful for children any day now.
I am thankful for my support communities
Like Youth Advocate
My college girlfriends
And my fellow WordPressers
They lift me up
They inspire and push me everyday.
I’m thankful Lord for beautiful life
And my faith in You
I’ve been so blessed to ask and seek and find.
Thank you, thank you
Thank you for everything that’s mine.

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