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Homosexuality and “Handedness”

One of my all-time favorite movies is “The Family Stone”. I love because the family is crazy and mean and so full of love for each other. One of the sons in the movie is gay.

He and his husband come for Christmas clash with his brother’s girlfriend. She, Meredith, asks if nature vs.nurture is going to be a concern when she finds out that the boys are trying to adopt a baby. They ask what she means, why would they be concerned about bringing a child into the house just because they are gay? Meredith then continues by being shocked when the mother says she hoped for gay children. “I just don’t think any parent would hope for a parent to be challenged like that.” Then, she says that “any parent would want a normal child.” After the father steps in Meredith leaves the table and the mother says to her son that she loves loves him and he is more normal than anyone else at the table.

That scene touches on so many of the things that we talk about when we get scientific about homosexuality. When she talks about being ‘challenged,’ it’s alluding to the psychiatric idea that being gay is a mental disability. It also talks about being aberrational. This idea of abnormality is one that is talked about in Christian circles especially. It’s against nature and thus wrong. And it also talks about the nature vs. nurture philosophy and taking it a step farther into it by implying that raising a child in a gay household may or may not attribute to making the child gay. But also in the scene it talks about being born gay.

I received a comment from someone on one of my blogs that I just re-read and it made me think of this last point. I hope he doesn’t mind if I quote him:

  • “Please check out what is available on the internet in regards to the assumption that people are ,”born that way”, or ,”naturally gay”, and the race and subsequent inalienable rights afforded at great cost to those who are a unique and legitimate race unto themselves.
    Because the integrity of what is defined as race at stake.
    Behavior does not constitute race, therefore the moral integrity of being homosexual is dependent on the moral acceptability of that behavior and the basis for concluding such.
    We all agree that race is biologically verifiable by genetic testing and DNA.
    After decades of clinical testing to find such from institutions world wide, we have no such proof.
    Any test that seems to show these signs is disproved by the next test because clear evidence of ,”naturally gay”, does not exist.” ~Christ Centered Teaching

In the scene, the father speaks of being born gay as equivalent to “handedness.” For example, my father is left handed. That’s the way he’s always done things. There is no genetic mutation for him being left handed. Contrary to past popular belief, he’s not possessed. And I am right handed, so he didn’t pass it down in any way. What if we thought of sexual orientation like handedness? Could that help us move beyond this classification style dehumanization? Because that is what we’re doing. We are dehumanizing souls. Christ was wholly respective of our humanity. If we call ourselves Christians, we should be respective of others’ humanity as well.

I really enjoyed this article too. It reminds me of how Jesus was affected by His relationships with people, and because He was, so should we be.

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