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I’ll Never Be Nice on Black Friday again!

Normally when we go shopping on Black Friday, it’s crazy but the people are super polite and great in our area. This year was mostly no exception. However, I was in Walmart and we had all of our shopping done and we were just getting in line. The lady in front of us was looking back and forth between the two lines to see which one was going faster. So I said, “We’re behind you, so if you want to pick whichever one is faster go ahead we don’t mind.” I was smiling and just having fun because it was a chill time so far. She looked right at me and said, “You need to stop being such a bitch.” I was surprised and I thought she was joking, so I giggled. She said, “I’m serious. You’re being a passive aggressive bitch and you need to knock it off.” I just said, “Okay, I was being serious. So… Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you got everything you wanted.” Then she looks at me and just says, “Whatever, I’m not just not as happy as all you other bitches.” After that, I just switched lines and quietly vowed to stay cheerful and polite even though, I didn’t feel like it.

At Target, we were waiting in line and this lady was carrying something big and someone offered to let her put it in their cart until they got to the checkout. We were talking and joking and having a good time. At least most of the night was chill.

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