An Echo in Ash

I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all
That you burnt me to a cinder
What was consumed wasn’t built to last
I hold no bitterness toward you
Not anymore.
It’s all gone
Bitterness was aluminum
It changed it’s shape but
Left something behind
Everything left something behind
The ash
Quickest to burn
My Rage
It smeared me
The clumps of molten plastic
Fakeness and lies
They’ve bunched up around my feet
But the steel
It shines brighter than ever.
Everything you did it changed me
And I’m okay with that
I’m glad I have a reminder
Of everything you gave me
It all changed when you razed it
But it’s good to know it still exists
If in a different form
Almost unrecognizable
Nearly new
But there.
An echo.

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