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Does God care more when we ask for Others not Ourselves?

That’s what I asked myself as I finished praying before I see my client this morning. Would God be more faithful in answering my prayers because I was praying for the good of someone else? fivefingersAll my prayers have been getting answered with ignorance lately, at least from what I can see. All my prayers, except those for others. I prayed so hard this morning that my girl would be doing well today and that I could really be what she needed. It seems like everyday I remember to pray that, which is most days, things go so well for us. But when I forget, it all goes to pot. And I’ve even learned, it doesn’t happen unless I ask God for help before I need it. If I get there and she’s freaking out and I remember that I forgot; then I might as well not pray at all. Nothing makes it better.

So, my question is does God care more when we pray for help for others? And also, should I get people to pray for me? I know that sounds selfish, but I need God’s help here and pray as I might, I’m not seeing it. Maybe I should pray that I see God’s help. Maybe it’s already there.

6 thoughts on “Does God care more when we ask for Others not Ourselves?

  1. I think there is karmic merit when we pray for others. Since God is said to pour the rain upon the just and the unjust and favors none I am not sure if it makes a difference other than we like to think that it does, our good soul shining. But I do think it impacts our spirit and opens our ability to receive abundance and positivity in our own lives. In my perspective that is the good favor of God upon us.
    I am sorry for your trying times. My grandmother used to tell me that we put our needs in God’s hands only to pace the floor and pick it out from his fingers. She would then remind me that everything under heaven has a time and a purpose, be still and wait because many times when we look back we see perfection in his timing.


  2. It seems GOD has a heart, He can be moved by our prayers when they are heartfelt. Sacred, please don’t take this the wrong way, but sometimes,

    It is better not to pray for things you don’t really care about, because it is not the best use of your time and energy. But we are instructed to place others before ourselves. But that is more a matter of balancing our concerns so we are not SO selfish. You don’t seem like a selfish person at all, so I’m guessing you need a person in your life to take care of you. To remind you to be better to yourself. I’ll pray for that person to go to you,



  3. Praying for yourself is never wrong if the need is real. If you’re praying for the new iPhone, don’t be surprised if you don’t get it! God honors the humility and love it takes to pray for somebody else, but he cares either way. After all, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” -Romans 8:35. Praying only for yourself doesn’t make him care less. Even if you miss out on his fullness, it’s not because he quits giving a rip.


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