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In God’s Time… Uh.

Alright, alright. You know you’ve been begging me to write this post. God’s time. It’s all on God’s time. Be patient. You’ve only been praying the same prayer for eight years. You’ve only been begging God for one thing for a third of your life.

I thank each one of you who has said this to me. That I need to wait and keep going. Stick it out, it’s in God’s time. I mean it sincerely. I know you’ve each seen God work in God’s own time, and you felt that maybe God wasn’t going to come through for you either. Perhaps just when you were about to give up, God came through. I get it. I’ve had that too. You know the funny thing is, it works like that. The girl I work with was getting frustrated with her locker, so I told her to just give up. She said fine, I give up and finished turning it that last time just for the heck of it: Bam! It worked. Maybe the answer is I should just give up. Just quit praying about it. Maybe that is making me hold on. Maybe I’m just supposed to really believe that God won’t come through for me and give it up.

I’ll just give it up.
Oh, if I had a dollar for each of the many times I’ve done that too.

8 thoughts on “In God’s Time… Uh.

  1. Good luck with that.

    If I lift a weight, and hold it out in front of me-
    if I tense up, it is heavier, and more difficult
    than if I just relax.
    If I just relax, my me-ness does the work to lift the weight.
    I am more comfortable and more effective.

    Me and God is friends.


  2. The continuation of prayers and concern for what has been asked is what my granmother would refer to as “picking it from his fingers”. She would tell me that it had to be given to God and then dismissed from thought, it had to be let go of. She also gave me the best answer as to why prayers are not answered. She said that prayer is the domain of spirit and not of the physical. The prayer must be for the benefit of the spirit and not just my spirit but the spirits of others had to receive benefit as well. Otherwise it was a prayer for the physical/ego which is not the concern of God.


      • Whatever it is, I hope you will soon find serenity. In the interim I hope you have friends and family that support you. And letting go is easier said than done. I struggle with letting it go and many times can’t until I become so utterly frustrated that I just give up from stress. Understanding the oneness of spirit helped me come to terms with unanswered prayers.


        • Thanks. It’s hard to for me to let it go, because it’s not truly letting it go it’s a denial every time it comes up. That has to be dealt with consciously in the mind or my behavior will suffer for it whether or not I’m conscious of it at the time. I think that God is using you and some others to tell me not to try to pry it from God’s fingers because others have given me that advice too. Thank you for your time and thought and well wishing. I so appreciate it.


  3. Have you submitted? God hears all prayers, but some things do not happen without proper submission to him. What I mean is we pray for something, but perhaps aren’t willing to do what God says to do or try to live our lives without Him. I’m not saying that’s you, they’re just examples. Have you submitted, though? Completely?


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