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No Love Allowed; Hate Only.


I was helping a friend babysit once. The people for whom we babysat were a military family and their children were both boys. We were sitting on the couch and the boys who were 4, 6 and 7 were going to pick out a movie. They were going through all these very adult R-rated movies about war. The youngest came a sat on my lap and held my hand while the other two looked. He looked down and saw my ring, and said that there was a butt on it. The girls I was with said, “You can’t wear that ring. They’re just little boys.” So, I took it off and put it away while the boys started watching some violent war movie. I asked her if they were allowed to watch this because there was a lot of swearing and violence. “Yeah,” she said, ” as long as we fast forward the sex parts they’re allowed to watch them.” No love, just hate huh? It still puzzles me to this day why my ring wasn’t okay, but people gruesomely dying is okay. Sex is how they got here. It’s no nearly as offensive as the vulgarity in that war movie. Why are people so afraid of sex and so okay with violence?

2 thoughts on “No Love Allowed; Hate Only.

  1. TV in the US, someone said, would be so much more civilised if it were as easy to show a penis going into a vagina as it was to show an axe going into a head.

    Is that a bottom on your ring? To the pure, all things are pure.


    • Too true.
      I think that’s why why we have so many different lines about what’s right and what’s wrong. It all depends on how perverse or pure your mind is and what you can handle. You have to know yourself to know what is sin.


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