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Save the US with Socialism

“We can’t keep socializing our losses and privatizing our profits.” – Jon Stewart

Don’t get your panties in wad, I’m no socialist. I do, however, believe that it can help our country. I find myself a registered independent, rooting for the libertarians, and leaning left in the end. Why? Because I hate government. I don’t trust them with… well pretty much anything. But as crappy a job as they do sometimes, they do. That’s right: they do. They fail, but they do. If you don’t like what they do, instead of bitching, do. What can you do to change the system? What can you do to create the government you want? What are you willing to do to make changes?

What can you do to make your politics real?

  • If you are going to insist that women have all their babies, are you willing to adopt a couple of children? Is that a sacrifice and joy you are willing to have to make your politics a reality?
  • Life extends beyond the womb. When that child is born, are you willing to support it? If that child lives below the poverty line and needs government assistance for healthcare and for food, will you deny it?
  • Maybe you’ve protested or stood on the side of gay marriage, but have you built a relationship with a person who identifies as a homosexual?
  • Have you ever taken a chance to talk with a girl considering an abortion? To try to empathize with her and understand her fear?
  • If you are ready to endorse war, have you ever thought about those innocent lives that will inevitably be lost? Is it worth it? Would you send your children? Not you. Your children?

Can you picture Christ saying, “That’s not my problem, Thomas. Better that their stomachs are empty than they become overly dependent on someone in authority to provide loaves and fishes for them. Where will it end? Will I have to feed them everyday?” When instead he fed the 5,000. (If Jesus were an American evangelical) Like we are seeing with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sometimes we are willing to jump in line with a cause but unwilling to think of every implication and follow all the way through. What are you willing to do?

What does this have to do with socialism? No foodAt the beginning of the post I mentioned that I root for Libertarians, but end up leaning left. How is this possible? I want to put the government out of business. There are needs in our country and abroad. To deny that is to deny truth, and I won’t have the needy dying while I try to make this country what I want. So, I vote left. But I don’t want it to stay this way. I want to put them out of business. I want churches and individuals to step the hell up and do! I want churches to run effective assistance programs. I want them to take care of the needy and poor and not just spiritually. I want people to tithe to churches who are doing those things. And I want to socialize our assets on a ground roots level. I want those who have more than enough to open their checkbooks, and spend some of their free time and give to those who don’t have enough. We, as Christians; we, as churches, need to step up and do what we are supposed to do and do it well. People are always saying that the government is less efficient; cost and distribution-wise. Well then, let’s take it off their hands. Let’s pull our resources and do it better. loving-both-god-money

We need to start being serious. What is the root of our decisions? Is it God or is it money? We cannot serve two masters. When you consider a political option are you asking if it’s morally responsible or fiscally responsible? If it’s right, does it matter how much it costs? When Jesus gave that bread out, there was more than enough. Is Jesus not capable of doing that today? Is Jesus now irrelevant?

Remember, that’s not your money. It’s God’s money. You don’t need to worry about it being stolen from you. It’s not yours. God is in control and God will handle any injustice against Godself. Are you able to put it in God’s hands? Are you willing?

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I’m still learning and striving too. This is my challenge. This is my prayer.

4 thoughts on “Save the US with Socialism

  1. Great Work! I’ve been saying that for years now, that the Church (not Christ’s Church, but man’s church) has failed…miserably. However, what I cannot comprehend is how a Christian can vote left?? As a matter of fact, how can a Christian vote at all. When any American votes they are just confirming an appointment of the ruling elite of the world, whether that be Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter, they are all in the pockets of the big bankers. Go look at almost every government in the European Union and also that of the United States and you will find every single one of them has major ties to Goldman Sachs and/or J.P. Morgan. Take Obama for instance, he claims not to be a Wall Street crony, well have you looked at those in Obama’s government lately and their ties to Goldman Sachs? Here’s a short list: Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Roger Altman, Lael Brainard, Warren Buffett, Thomas Donilon, Bill Dudley, Douglas Elmendorf, Rahm Emauel, Diana Farrell, Stephen Friedman, Michael Frohman, Jason Furman, Anne Fudge, Mark Gallogly, Timothy Geithner, Gary Gensler, Michael Greenstone, Robert Hormats, Neel Kashkari, Karen Kornbluh, Jack Lew, David Lipton, Eric Mindich, Peter Orslag, Mark Patterson, Steve Rattner, Robert Reischauer, need I go on, because I can. Obama never directly worked for Goldman Sachs, however, millions of dollars have been contributed to his campaigns from Goldman Sachs, so this ties him also. Goldman Sachs, the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s rule the world and are herding us all into their sheep-pens they have prepared us — they just need us Americans to give up our sovereignty. That’s what they put Obama into place for, especially now that he has a second term. The sad thing is that most people are believing the propaganda their pet mainstream media spew…including FOX News. I know you’ve written about them in another post. They have control of both sides of the political paradigm. All the more reason why we need to stay focused on the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. If the religious church of man cannot get it done, we TRUE Christians (Christ’s true Church) need to take the reigns!! God Bless You!


    • Thanks for your comments. Glad I’m not alone in this thinking. I do however think we should. I like our “ability” even if it is faux to have a say in who goes into office, but yes when you vote you’re always compromising something. I don’t really understand how Christians can have a whole party allegiance though. It doesn’t make sense to me. And yes, I absolutely agree with you about our country being not-so-secret plutocracy. I was really excited by American’s Elect party, but they failed this time around. I think anyone with eyes and ears should realize that there hasn’t been a party that’s good for the majority for a long time, and that is due in large part to our addiction to the media. I can tell you since I stopped watching the news and started reading the speeches, I can pick out some much bias on all sides. It’s truly amazing the power of the tube. And Amen, let’s get out butts moving!


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