Love / Thoughts

We are. You and I were.

We are water, earth, and air
Together fluid, solid, and capricious
Grounded, progressing, floating
We are hard and fast and wide
We are supportive and surrounding
We last, guide, and move around
One another
Taking the shape of each other
Being molded, and molding.
You and were ether.
You and I were leaning
Toward the fire
Far too close for comfort
You and I are ether
Burning too bright, too fast to bond.
You and I had it all
All but time
If time could be held
You and I could hold
So You and I, we try now.
Now that you and I
Have leaned toward earth
Our links grow longer
Our ties and bonds deeper
You and I are two poles,
Destined to be apart, but
Always to exist together.
Apart, but together.
We are earth, water, and air.
You and I are ether.
You and I are.
You and I.

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