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Christianity must devalue life to “Sell” Itself?

I hate working with the LIU (Lincoln Intermediate Unit). They use edible reinforcers like obesity and degradation don’t exist. “Come sit for an M&M Johnny.” *Shake M&M container* Could they get anymore pathetic? If a child won’t do something they are supposed to do because they are told to do it, we’re failing. Bribes are pitiful. There is no value in their compliance, if they comply due to bribe. At least to me. But we’ve got a “whatever works” kind of idea these days in education, raising kids, and even religion. It seems sometimes we’ll use whatever we have to get people to buy our religion. We truly live in a society completely overtaken by consumerism, don’t we? We buy and sell our products regardless of what they be rather than actually having to dialogue.

I read one another blog that Christianity must devalue life to win converts. I have to disagree. It doesn’t have to, people often do though don’t they? I have complained many times about the whole “it’ll get fixed when the Lord comes back” mentality that leaves many Christians complacent and actually hoping for death. They are being shown the M&M that is eternal life with God and lose all focus on the here and now. And do those kinds of bribed actions have merit to God? Well, you know my opinion. No. I don’t think God says that however you come about doing right, it’s right. God looks on the heart. Are you doing good for the reward or are you doing good because you love God?

value lifeAnd this is where I think it’s important that we see the tiny but important shift. Are you doing good because you love God? If you value God, you’ll value life. Bear with me. Whose image are we made in as people? Who are we supposed to represent on this earth as Christians? God. We are precious. We are beautiful. And we are God’s body on earth. How will anyone know God if we do not show them what God is supposed to be? We try to fear and guilt people into getting saved, but is it salvation? Is it salvation to say: “God, if you’re there, please don’t damn me to hell” or “God, I really want that M&M someday, please give it to me.” What kind of Christian life does that lead to? I don’t think that’s Christianity and I don’t think that’s Christ.

How much does God love us to send God’s son to die for us? For God to feel the pain of loss with us? That’s where God is. God is in the pain with us. God is with the sufferer. If you want to bring people to Christ instead of telling them their worthless, filthy sinners try showing them God’s love by manifesting God in your own life. That’s what it really means to be Christ-like. To be willing to show people that your body, your life is not worthless; it can manifest God. If we are God’s hands, God’s feet; how the hell could our lives be any more important?

Everything you do manifests God. The good and the bad. What did we talk about with the shootings? Where was God? Why does God allow these things to happen? Right? But change the scenario just a little bit and have someone change that man’s life, and Christians would be talking about how gracious God is. Am I right? When people do despicable things, we question God. When people do heroic things, we praise God. God is built by what we do here. We are participating in building the God that the world perceives. It’s time that we Christians come to grip with that fact. This world is our place to manifest and build a God that others will be drawn to. A God that others will love and want to be a part of. That was what Christ did for us. He showed us God by living His human life in service of others, in sacrificial love with others.

The only people who weren’t intrinsically drawn to Him was the church. Let’s piss them off.

7 thoughts on “Christianity must devalue life to “Sell” Itself?

  1. To be a christian should be about emulating the life of Christ and through the life lived provide a visual testimony. My grandmother used to say that you can’t talk it, you gotta live it. I respected her always and I respect your forthright address in this post calling upon people to consider what christianity should truly be about.


  2. As much as the glories of Heaven await us, that is not why we were placed here to live. The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now, not just in the next life. God put us here and called us as Christians to spread the Gospel and the Love of Christ, to be the hands and the feet and voice of Christ’s Body.

    Though I come from evangelical roots, and found that I never really fit there, I really have very little to complain about. My church growing up was full of people who loved the Lord and each other. I was spared so many of the things that trouble us about evangelicalism today.

    A while ago I decided — and I remind myself of this every day — that even if Christianity were to turn out not to be true, I wanted to live my life according to it, to live a life of sharing God’s love. If I were to get to the end and find nothing, I would have no regrets for having given my life to this. And I live every day for what I can give to this world, to how I can live and love in this life, not with an eye to some great reward in the next. If we always have an eye to what we’re going to “get” someday for our obedience, then really everything we’re doing is selfish and devoid of meaning.


  3. The highest treason-
    to do the right thing for the wrong reason. -Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral.

    I am with Joseph. And- giving the M&Ms- it is better, I think, to cooperate with the children than to bribe and control them. I read of a stone age tribe fifty years ago which allowed children to play with fire, and some had scars they took into adulthood- but they grew self-reliant and self-confident. Perhaps allow the child to come and sit when she is ready.


  4. Love the way you get to the point. Just had a conversation today about how someone walked away from “church” because he didn’t like how the people acted outside of worship. Now he is going back to church, searching for a real relationship with God. I think I would put it as how we “package” God distracts people from embracing who God really is. God doesn’t need to bribe, God’s TRUTH is enough. Unfortunately, we – as in collective and individuals – get in the way! Look forward to reading more of your posts!


    • God’s grace is enough. God said that God’s creation manifests God so that none are without excuse. By manifesting God as hateful and hurtful, we are spitting on the very image of God. Gotta clean that window people!

      If I didn’t have a real relationship, I would have left and never looked back. Thanks for the kind words!


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