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Feminist Modesty, Oxymoron?

I love Christina Aguilera. Whatever, everyone has that person whom they loved in high school and is maybe a little ashamed to own up to loving. In college, I was a Women’s Studies minor and we brought up Christina. This one girl said that she liked her so much better now that she was modest. Rather than when she was in her dirrty days.

Tony BarsonI was thinking about how we had just had a discussion about women owning their own sexuality and coming out as confident and in charge women. How does this bent to modesty and shunning of slutty/sexiness go into a feminist approach?

I think that women walk such fine lines already when it comes to their sexuality that it seems ridiculous for a feminist especially to make those lines even finer. Aguilera has always been one for coming out as a sexual being and refusing to be taken less seriously or being treated differently for her sexuality. She’s always owned it. To me she was the epitome of feminism. It wasn’t a denial of sexuality so as to appear more in control of it or a focus on it as her sole talent and virtue. Christina iss sexy sometimes and other times she is beautiful, pensive. She is a woman. Unapologetic.

What could be more feminist than that? I mean, why do we feel the need to draw fine freaking lines for each other? Why not just support each other and recognize sexuality comes from us and shouldn’t be dominated by whether or not someone else calls us a prude, slut, or butch? Why not recognize where we’re at and take that for it’s own value? Embrace your sexy, badass, self and make it okay for others to do the same. Applaud the bravery and vulnerability it takes to be sexy and to be smart and powerful. Perhaps if we’re comfortable where we’re at we can more easily support where others are at. Whether it’s here or there let’s be on each other’s side and not make those tiny thin lines any harder to walk.

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One thought on “Feminist Modesty, Oxymoron?

  1. Yes yes and yes! When it comes down to it, modesty is really all about power- who has the power over women’s bodies and what we wear? The obvious answer is, we should, but more often than not, we don’t 😦

    And that picture of her in the red dress!! BAM 🙂


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