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Confession: I’m not sold on evolution

In college, one of my really good friends asked me in a shocked voice if I didn’t believe in evolution. “No,” I said “and you wouldn’t have to ask if I believed in evolution if it was scientific fact. No one asks if you believe in gravity.” We are very mutually fascinated with each other and always have been. We are totally different, but still similar enough in our spirits to get along. I asked her once about abortion too. I asked if she thought abortion should be legal and all she said was that there should be no reason for it. To this day that’s still what she will say when you ask her. And I agree with her.

But evolution is another thing. Since I was raised in Christian school, I was taught the science that goes with the creation theory. And though we learned what evolution is, we were taught that it is just a theory. And more than that I’ve come to believe that it is a religious theory. So many people have asked me whether or not I believe in evolution. To me, that says that it is a belief. I think back on the past theories that were widely accepted and disproved later and wonder whether or not evolution will get there sometime. I don’t have a problem with evolution because of it’s supposed contradiction of the Bible, but because it doesn’t make logical sense to me. The idea that life gets more complex and more sophisticated as the world ages, makes no sense to me. I mean, the second law of thermodynamics is one that brings to light the degenerative properties of the universe. Things left to their own devices tend toward chaos not toward order and complexity.

After all the education and study, I still haven’t come to a place where evolution makes sense to me. Not logically, anyway.

The evolution I can see.

The evolution I can see.

13 thoughts on “Confession: I’m not sold on evolution

  1. If you consider the concept that evolution is like raising children then consider this: Does a child left to their own devices grow up as well developed, well rounded, social being? It is only through the love guidance and discipline of loving family that this takes place. God because He loves His creation guides us, disciplines us, and provides us with a Saviour. Evolution did not die for our sins and certainly does not care if we are developed to take our place in the “society” of Heaven for eternal life with our loving God, our Father.


  2. I guess you could say that I believe in evolution so much as I believe that the earth is more than 6000 years old (along with 99.9999% of science), but I don’t believe in evolution so much as it explains the beginning of the universe (which it does not). I went to a Christian school my whole life. I was similarly taught a vehemently anti-evolution science curriculum (I believed it) and then I went on to a Christian college where I was a science major. All of my professors were Christian and all of them “believed in” evolution. Two of my younger brothers also studied science at same school, and we were all, pretty much (and probably too easily) “converted” to evolution–That’s because when it comes to belief in evolution versus creation, it’s not a conversation about science, it’s really a conversation about salvation. Do you believe that you’re salvation is dependent on a literal interpretation of Genesis 1? I definitely don’t, and I don’t think it’s worth arguing over, splitting churches, families, and countries.

    I feel like I sound so mean in this post (heh). Does it make any sense?


    • No, I definitely don’t think my salvation depends on evolution vs. creation. Nor do i think it’s worth splitting churches or countries over. But it’s also not worth me compromising my logic. It’s just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not that I’m anti-evolution. I don’t think that believing in evolution is anti-Christian.

      I think you’ve taken an interesting side. It’s interesting that you think of it as a conversion. I definitely wouldn’t put it that. I think that today we think clubs are either in or out. I don’t think just because I don’t believe in evolution, I’m automatically in or out of a particular Christian or non-Christian club. It’s about talking and being honest with where you’re at; like my friend and I. We work as friends because we both voice our ideas, and respect our differing decisions.

      Saying that you think you sound mean helps me know you didn’t mean it. But you didn’t though, just matter-of-fact.


  3. Cool. It’s sounds like you don’t buy evolution OR creation. Ha. Understandable. What about “intelligent design” (AKA God is involved somehow, and that somehow IS NOT the biblical creation story, and more probably evolution or something else)?

    You’re right, it’s not just you’re in or out. That might be what ultimately made me buy evolution more: it’s not black and white. It’s super complex, and that complexity and neverending conversation of “How?” and “Why?” is a good thing. I’ve been to the creation museum, and I don’t really feel like genesis creation conversation is so great at actually conversing and is more about converting.

    I mean, the deeper you think about it, neither creation nor evolution make “logical” sense. If either were totally logical, then there would be no conversation to have. I mean, since when were humans (or God) ever logical?


    • Yeah, I suppose you’re right that I don’t wholly buy into either. I think that creationists tend to emphasize the wrong things, but to me it makes more sense. The idea of creation as a full grown tree or full grown human, but new earth. The idea of the canopy which created larger every thing because of the increased amount of oxygen. The generalized climate and more powerful sun. The creation of fossils by way of a flood and the subsequent loss of canopy, then, oxygen and then size. Micro evolution and adaption make total sense to me, but macro evolution doesn’t. I think I’ve definitely taken an intelectual side, but I don’t like how that side chooses to approach the arguement. And on top of that, I think I have a very lucid position until pushed into something that I disagree with… if that makes sense.

      I don’t know. I like my faith to make sense. I don’t want to follow something just because.


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  6. I find that generally it is only creationsts who ask me whether I “believe” in evolution. They wouldn’t ask — would they? — if they were firm in their faith that science errs.

    No, I don’t believe in evolution. I believe in God, and Jesus is my savior. I understand evolution, and I understand that those who don’t “believe” in it, don’t understand it.

    You eat the fruits of evolution every day. When you go to your physician for healing, you are healed by the fruits of understanding evolution.

    Is your faith against evolution so strong that you will give up those things we get from applied evolution theory?

    No, it’s not.


    • I’m afraid you’ve got me a little backward. I don’t have faith against evolution, I simply don’t have faith in it. I don’t disbelieve, just don’t believe. It’s a matter of it being proven logical to me. I have yet to watch something increase in intricacy and order of it’s own accord, but I am willing and open to accept the theory should it happen.


      • You’d do well to get a copy of Jonathan Weiner’s “The Beak of the Finch,” and Peter and Rosemary Grant’s book on the same topic published in the past year.

        Neil Shubin’s “Your Inner Fish” is another good read, on the paleontological mountain of evidence.

        Every mechanism Darwin hypothesized has been observed in the lab and in the wild, and has been observed to work in both realms. Evolution is called “theory” because it explains so much, way beyond hypothesis or law.

        It’s no sin to remain uninformed, but I can’t think of any particular reason to do so.


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