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Why I hesitate to comment on atheist blogs, even when I agree with them.

Honestly, I feel as though I am trying to be converted.

I come across these blogs all the time speaking out about the church in the same way that I like to. I feel a camaderie with the people who have left Christianity because of the church even though I have chosen to keep my faith. I feel that way because it very easily could have been me. I was so ready and willing to give it all up, but because I met Kelly Brown Douglas and learned that legalism doesn’t have to be the be all and end all of faith; I didn’t have to. I love reading those blogs because I feel like I am not alone.

But often if/when I mention my personal experience and the fact that I am still a Christian, I get assailed. It’s usually not by the blog holder, but by the followers or readers of the blog. If I can make a comical comparison, it feels like when a church senses a non-believer and sounds the Bible horn to thump them until they agree. You say one thing, they take it as another. They say they like your approach, but call it unChristian or heretical. Either way, I nearly always feel as though I have been taken down several notches rather than mutually respected. And worse, I feel like that is the goal. If I say something that resonates, I am often patted like a child on the head as though I am naive and will find my way eventually. If I say something that isn’t kosher, then I am attacked and gutted usually with bizarre referneces to Bible verses.

rottenecard_20861828_6g4wsjhwdhYahoo! Answers is the worst. I used to have fun answering questions on there until I realized that most were predatory Christians and atheists seeking whom they could devour with pointed and argumentative questions. In my opinion, it’s all fundementalism. That need to attack and convert rather than discuss and question and respect. I say that because more often than not I am a fundementalist independent (politically). I am more able to attack than to graciously discuss my opinions. What can I say? I’m working on it.

Ps. A rant. Please don’t stone me.

10 thoughts on “Why I hesitate to comment on atheist blogs, even when I agree with them.

  1. I share some of you reactions. As a christian I used to be an active member of several atheist forums at different times. But I rarely post for the reasons you’ve given. I also gave up on a christian forum because it was little better.

    It seems that a culture had developed where it is acceptable to say things to people who disagree with you that you’d never say face-to-face. People are so sure, not only that they are right and the other view is wrong, but also that it is acceptable and even effective to be nasty to their opponent. Christians should know better – the New Testament tells us in many places to be kind to unbelievers – but some justify their rudeness by saying it is necessary to shock unbelievers out of their unbelief. I don’t think I have ever seen that happen! Some atheists think that christians are so stupid or deluded that being nasty is the only tactic that well get through – and anyway it is fun. (I have been part of discussions where these things are said.)

    So both sides are to blame at times, the temperature rises and each provokes the other. Doesn’t always happen of course, for their are also fine thoughtful christians and atheists, but it only takes one of the nasty ones to spoil things So I rarely visit or comment on such forums or blogs now, and try to find places where people will be as civil as I am trying to learn to be.


  2. It seems like anywhere people can comment on the internet, horrible things are said. Why? I honestly don’t know. I don’t know how people can be EXACTLY what they hate in a public forum without catching it…

    I wonder how much conversation would continue to happen on the internet if their were ACTUAL consequences. Like if I post something sad on my facebook wall, and then I get concerned phone calls from my “friends”. Or if every time my dad posts an annoying political meme I called him to ask, “WTF, mate?” It’s incredible how much we do online without EVER talking about it IRL.

    Quick complaining and a quick fix for all our problems.


  3. Reblogged this on Christ Centered Teaching and commented:
    Legalism seems to always be one of mankind’s biggestprobles.

    Le Miserables has been so popularfor such s long time because of the contrast between the legalistic Jovier andJean Val Jean the merciful.

    I do agree with Keller though, that the word fundamentalist is only bad if the religion is bad. The word means basics. Therefore if the basics of a religion are bad then that religions strict fundamentalists with be bad.
    The religion may also be good, and the adherents would be good also.
    The confusion of terms comes from the fact that many who self


  4. Try being an atheist, like I am, and disagreeing with other atheists. They go ballistic.

    I don’t particularly care about the petty issues like manger scenes like some other atheists do. When I talk about that, they are not particularly receptive to say the least.


    • I feel like I can relate because I often call out the Christian church. Fundamentalists exist everywhere.

      One of the blogs I follow is a man who converted from Christianity and through his blog I heard a rant about rules for atheism. It was like a doctrine of atheism. I don’t remember if he wrote it or I followed a comment, but it was interesting.


  5. I get hit by a lot of rocks and there was a time when they crushed me. I once got in a rock fight in seminary and after class my prof (who was awesome and my mentor) asked me why I thought it was my fight? Did i think that God couldn’t take care of himself? I also had Ravi Zacharias tell me once that the key was to remember that you are winning a person and not an arguement.

    I think you are right about both sides and that they both throw rocks because they aren’t at peace with their own belief and they forget that, in life, it is always about winning a person if you wish you make change or lead. – AB


    • The funny thing is that I didn’t even think I was in a win or lose type of thing. I was offering a compliment and mentioned I was a Christian. So strange.

      I love that idea that God is big enough. I have recently been truly fascinated by the idea that people have politically that God’s grace isn’t enough to change hearts and minds; that Christ’s example of self-sacrifice is weak and naive. Showing God’s grace should be enough to make true change. I really believe it. We don’t need to do the judging. We just need to show God’s grace with our lives and God IS big enough to do the rest. We never save people. God does.

      Thanks for commenting. I always look forward to hearing from you!


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