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Don’t paint your turds.

Our country has been overrun by two things that are poking and prodding our masses into complacency. Fear and profit. The elusive ‘they’ are herding us to bend to their will by threatening our money and our lives. And it isn’t at all new. I listen to Papa Roach from time to time. I’m angry what can I say. Their song Tyranny Normality had a strange merging with the book I am currently reading. These two ideas were launched nearly fifty years apart, but they are both so relevant still today.

The media is the seduction of human desire set
their money on fire, if you try
to sell me the truth then I know you’re a liar.
Our culture has become complacent, and has no
desire. Take back our empire, and the
ethical slaughter of truth needs to be retired.

It’s the death of outrage!!
I mourn the death of outrage,
the obituary’s on the front page!!

The book I am reading happens to be Black Like Me. I’ve never read it before and simply assumed that I had a clue about what it was really like for an African American in those times: shitty and terrifying. But what I wasn’t banking on was the incredible insight this fifty year old book would provide me into my political mind. Here’s an excerpt:

“What’s needed? What kind of wisdom can overcome the immense propaganda of the racist and hate groups? People read this poison and it’s often presented in a benevolent tone- even a kind tone. … We need a conversion of morals, not just superficially but profoundly. And in both races. Otherwise we’ll never have the right answers when these pressure groups- racists, superpatriots, whatever you want to call them- tag every move toward racial justice as communist-inspired, Zionist-inspired, Illuminati-inspired, Satan-inspired… part of some secret conspiracy to overthrow the Christian civilization. … We’ve reached a poor state when people are afraid doing the decent and right thing is going to help the communist conspiracy. I’m sure a lot of people are help back just on that point.”

Is this not what we are threatened and assailed with constantly? The militant Right is constantly blaming communism and a war on Christianity for the political decisions of the day and they can keep doing it because people keep buying it. It may be the death of outrage that we live in as long as we accept this manipulation. I pray that we don’t. I pray that despite what the media has scared us with we do the decent and right thing. And I especially hope that we take some time and really examine this “war on Christianity.” Are we really being persecuted? Let’s be a little logical here. When I picture persecution, I picture being tortured or having my house burnt down, not having to pray with my kids before they go to school or not being allowed to put an Easter bunny (which isn’t even Christian) in my hometown courthouse. What are ‘they’ trying to distract you from with their fear and threats to your livelihood? What’s really at stake here?

Say what you mean and don’t paint the turds!

8 thoughts on “Don’t paint your turds.

  1. I have to agree with you. I haven’t seen any persecution of my brothers in this country. heck, you can’t throw a cat without hitting a Christian in the US. I think a lot of it really is just old habits. We’ve been talking about persecution for two thousand years so we just keep doing it no matter how out of sync it is. I tend to be a bit of a freak when it comes to doctrine so the only time I ‘feel’ persecuted is at Church. At work, I talk about God all day long and everyone loves to talk to me about it. But at church? Forget about it…

    As for changing the system and how we think? I honestly believe it will take an act of God. We’re all pretty pathetic when it comes to change.

    God speed Sacred, and keep up the good posts:)


    • Me too! I only feel persecuted at church! I work in a company where we are always talking about God and doing God’s work, but when I go to church I lose faith. It’s a shame.

      In Black like Me the person in the conversation says it would take a saint of person to change things for real, then Bam MLK. So I still hold out hope for our own little MLK or Gandhi or Tutu in our time and place.

      Thanks for your kind words and for once again evidencing I’m not alone in this persecuting church/ non persecuted church thing.


  2. We haven’t reached the point of open persecution, in the Roman sense, yet. But popular culture has taken on a decided antireligious (not just anti-Christian, but anti-faith) bent. I can’t turn on the TV without having my faith mocked and derided — particularly as a Catholic, whose beliefs are the most flagrantly against the grain of “modernity.” Christians and theists in general are painted as old-fashioned, ignorant, backward, and superstitious. Even the government is riding this train. Free practice of religion was once held as sacrosanct in this country, but now our government feels free to discard religious belief and marginalize the religious when religious convictions get in the way of their plans. Religion, once a mainstay of one’s identity, both public and private, is now supposed to be compartmentalized into the private sphere with no projection outward. Any attempt to live by the precepts of religion publicly is upbraided as “imposing one’s views on others.” Persecution is here, and it’s growing. And I fear there’s no turning back the tide.


  3. @Joseph,
    I don’t know brother. I think if we lived when the founding fathers were planning the revolution you would probably feel the same. In my experience, men haven’t changed much in the thousands of years since Abraham left ur. The devout have always been mocked. Noah was mocked and I have no doubts George Washington was as well, before he did his thing. The people that did it in those days did it in whisper and behind closed doors, but they did do it.


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