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Manifesting my Reality… sortive… trying… experimenting.

I will be a positive
I am a positive influence on his life
He will be
He is a positive influence on mine
He is a positive influence on my life
He is a positive influence
We will be the
We are the best of friends
We will lift each other up
Damn it.
I got this.
We are lifting each other up
We are lifting each other up
He can heal my pai
He is healing my pain
He has healed my pain
He is helping me become whole
I am whole
I am whole
I can inspire him
I am inspiring him
I am lifting him up
He is a blessing in my life
I am grateful for his positivity in my life
I am thankful for our friendship
I will help him when he needs it
He is whole
He is happy
He is hiding nothing from himself
He is revealing his whole self
He is getting to know
He knows himself
I can take this
I am capable
I am helpful
I am whole
I am whole.

I am happy
I am hopeful
I am whole.

Ok. So you think I’m bonkers. I am. I had too much time on my hands today and I watched the documentary The Secret. It turns out that if you think it; it will happen. Huh, ok it’s worth a try. I’ve tried everything else in this relationship, why not simply determine what I want and make it manifest? secretAs I’m watching this movie thinking these people are completely insane for visualizing a new car then thinking they will simply receive it, I realize that’s kind of what our prayer life is about. Our faith in whatever it is, God, or science, or karma is that you dwell on something, you put your energy to it and it will happen. It seems common sense. What you focus on is what you see. I’m not saying this is going to change my life and suddenly I’m going to travel the world and make millions which I give away to feed and protect the hopeless just because that’s what I want, but I will certainly try to will more positive thinking into my little corner of the world. Isn’t that what I said about the gun violence issue? Poison and dehumanization in, poison and killing out. Our country was built on “manifest destiny.” Now we are built on fear and violence and greed. We think about crime,and crime happens. We think about violence and anger all day and that what we cause. And the church, all the negativity I perpetuate about the church leads to negativity that I find. Ask and it shall be given, seek and you will find. I sought. I found. So should I just become a happy, sunny, optimistic shot of life and hope that I then manifest a happy, sunny, optimistic actual life? That if I think positively, the church will become positive? That my relationships will heal? That I will be happy and whole? Isn’t that just “ignorance is bliss” in action? I don’t know but right now, I’ll give anything to work this relationship out and I’ve tried everything else. Now, I’m going to dwell on the positive and hope that it manifests itself and I swear I’ll act surprised if it happens. Okay, I won’t have to act. when it happens.

2 thoughts on “Manifesting my Reality… sortive… trying… experimenting.

  1. I think there is merit in the concept of karma, but if all it took to get a new car was to think it into reality I am not sure I would be driving the one I am now. 🙂
    I think that what we focus on drives our attitude and behavior. so I try to limit the negativity, including negative people, in my life. Of course when they are family….oh well, so much for that.


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