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What are Christians FOR?

Too often we are assailed by what Christians are against. They are protesting, they are speaking out against, they are advising against. But what are Christians for? Do people really know? Have we done a good job getting the message out there? Honestly, I have to think about what I can even write that no Christians would contest. I have to actually think, hmm what would other Christians agree with me that we are for? Being a Christian my whole life, that is shame. christ-like

I’d love to tell you that Christians are for helping the poor and the needy. That they love their enemies and neighbors as themselves. I want to tell you that Christians are on the front line against unjust war and think three times before endorsing a just war. I want to tell you that they are kind in their churches, and welcome everyone. I want to say that they want to make the church a home for those who’ve lost their way. I want to tell you that they are the first responders to tragedies. That they are a comfort and a helping hand. That they give and give and give.

I know what I am for, but I feel very outside of my faith these days because of that. And I can’t say those things that i think are important as a blanket statement. The truth is that we are known for what we are against. How can we change it? How can we be known for what we stand For? Do you think people could speak out against us so vehemently if we were truly Christ-like? If we were the helpers, the solace, the honest, and gentle? If we were living our belief in Jesus what could they say against that help merit? How can we change our testimony?

Here’s some good articles from others on how we from inside the church change how we see God and how others see God as well.

“Finding Jesus by leaving the church”

“Unconditional: rescuing the gospel from the gay vs Christians debate.”



3 thoughts on “What are Christians FOR?

  1. This is absolutely spot-on!

    I think christians have reduced Jesus’ message to one of simply getting to heaven when we die. That’s a selfish message, and doesn’t reflect the breadth of Jesus’ teaching on the kingdom of God here and now. The parable of the sheep and goats, which you wrote about recently gives us an important part of Jesus’ agenda for us.


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