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“I’m not afraid of your bubbies Rabbi!”

This is how I often feel about the church. If I had pastors or rabbis like this I think I’d go to church. On a more serious note, how many people claim to know for a fact how God feels? There are so many people who feel that way and often, they like Taylor, are regular attenders who have no true devotion to God. It’s amazing how flexible and open people who really have a relationship with God are. There is so much joy and kindness in them. This week my Rabbi is the author of askthebigot and my pastor is Warrioress. 

Though askthebigot and I disagree, she is calm, polite and very sensitive in her discussion. In the same way, I admire how Warrioress handles herself in discussion with others who are not polite or kind to her. I see Christ in those reactions and thank those women for being a such  a strong testimony.

2 thoughts on ““I’m not afraid of your bubbies Rabbi!”

  1. Friend, you have paid me one of the highest compliments. Thank you for the discussion on my blog. I’m grateful that we can know one another even if only in the cyber world. May God draw you ever-nearer.


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