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And after my death I have traveled these varied paths,
Each one leading me right back here.
And these moments must destined, change the rest as I have,
I still end up kneeling here and wishing it were different.
And it must be me, must be mine.

My Malfunction.
A destiny to be incomplete
A destiny to miss my destiny because fate got in the way.

And if I got to heaven and could choose my age,
No matter the consequences I would choose the same.
And when it all turned sour, which it would,
I’d turn around
And if I could I do it all the same.
And those, my choices, broke me.
And all desire left me, left me with nothing but direction.
And that is forever me, direction and no will
And no other way.

Choose this path,
Choose that path,
It makes no difference,
But it’s interesting to follow the different paths
Like Vonnegut would allow,
After my own death.
After it’s all over.

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