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Selling the Priceless

repo-men-4-1280Everything has a price in this crazy world in which we live. Even life. This week I was reminded that movies like Repo men and In Time are not that far from our world. We can put a price on even your very life, and if you can’t pay; we take it from you. The ultimate in class warfare.

Repo men is a movie surrounding a couple of futuristic bounty hunters that repossess organs from those unwilling to keep up with the predatory loans. It’s the next logical step in our capitalistic venture and we already see it’s beginning. Nothing is yours. You can’t pay for your house, the bank repossesses it. You can’t pay for you car, the bank takes it back. You can’t pay for your healthcare; you drown in debt and lose everything. You can’t pay for you organ; they take it back. It’s cash up front or a loan. One way or another the profit whores will take everything they can, and no one will raise a fuss because you couldn’t pay.

In Time is one of my favorite revelation type movies ever. In this futuristic society everyone earns currency in time. Time is literally your money. Each person has a clock on the arm (note the apocalyptic connotation) where their daily wage is deposited and from which they pay for everything with time. When the clock runs out, you die. Time is money; money is life. If you have money/time, you can live forever. The motto of those who have: many must die for few to be immortal. The movie is set around a couple of people who reach past boundaries. A man who has enough time to live forever wanders into the ghetto tired of life and ready to die. He gives his time to a young man who lives day to day running from place to place to save time. The young man crosses the boundaries between the ghetto and the richest areas in society to meet a girl who’s bored of being too scared to die to live at all. Along the way, the is movie clearly shows the day to day of those in different levels of society. The poor can’t afford to sleep in, the rates on their loans keep going up and so do their quotas. While the rich waste time like there are infinite tomorrows which there are. 90728_glg

These movies remind how close to this kind of chaos we really are. We find ourselves unwilling to pay a little for someone else’s life and feel no sorrow when they pass because they couldn’t pay. It’s the only justice we are going to have left if we’re not careful. The justice of money changing hands and if you can’t afford it; you don’t deserve it. How very close we are to this kind of chaos.

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