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And you have a wonderful gift for twisting words my friend. Never did I say don’t preach the gospel or don’t long for the second coming.
The word ‘church” and “saved” are being taken out of historical context. That’s all it is, and it’s such a tiny thing that you aren’t even hearing what I am saying because you can’t get over that. Jesus came first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles. The Jews believed the entirety of the OT did they not? That means they believed in the Gospel as it was given them. They rejected Christ and so are not modern day believers. There was no such thing as “getting saved” in those days. It didn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean that all the believers and everyone else before Christ went to Hell. In the context of history, they were the ones who believed in the Bible during those times. And it has nothing to do with my point at all.

The point is: no matter which way you obsess- preaching and not acting or acting and not preaching- it’s obsessing. As Christians we need a healthy balance of being example of Christ and preaching it.

You are ruining a positive influence opportunity by attacking anyone who even slightly differs from you. Instead of attacking my education, and character why don’t you try being gracious. And you’re absolutely right. This is a fruitless conversation. If you need to see interactions that are disagreeable but Christ-like try askthebigot‘s or life of a female bible warrior‘s blogs. I don’t agree with askthebigot quite often, but she is comfortable in her faith and takes her role as a believer seriously enough not to attack my character or anyone else’s who opposes her. The same with life of a female bible warrior. I don’t appreciate it, and it was completely uncalled for. Maybe after you cool down, you’ll realize that. Disagreement does not have to equal disrespect. Though I do know that it is hard to get to a place where you are on your gracious toes when writing about deeply personal things. I hope that you’ll find the balance and I am myself still working on it as well.

As always, I hope that blessings find you on your journey and walk with Christ.


5 thoughts on “Since comments were closed, and you have no email listed.

  1. Fundie fight, huh? Well, I read your comments and agree with your intent of discussion. Unfortunately someone who is deeply invested into his/her version of fundamental christianity will not usually participate in a reasonable discussion with opposing thoughts on christian theology without it eventually turning to an assault on character. I personally avoid fundie blogs since discussing anything with them is usually a futile exercise and total waste of my time. But bravo to you for trying!


  2. I think we all have to learn new ways of communicating on the internet – it’s just not the same as face-to-face conversation. It is much easier to get personal, deep, open, angry, forceful – things that are both good and bad.

    I am naturally very direct, but that gets misinterpreted as rudeness or arrogance, so I have had to learn to soften what I say.

    And I have also had to learn to deal with other people who haven’t learnt those lessons yet, as you have found in this case. Sometimes we can find something in common and develop some level of friendship, but sometimes not. Sometimes we can hope the conversation will help the other person learn a little more grace. But sometimes we just have to walk away.

    My sympathies for how this naturally makes you feel, but I trust it will also make you stronger. I believe christianity is changing, as the Holy Spirit convicts so many of us of misguided beliefs and emphases, and unloving words and actions, but there’s still a way to go! But each of us can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Keep it up!! 🙂


    • Yes, I too tend toward sarcasm and had to learn to curb it in print. I am still working on reigning in my passion and keeping it from being angry sounding. It’s very difficult and I’m sure several people can testify that I have not always been gracious. It’s definitely a learning process that the Holy Spirit is trying to help with.


  3. The important thing is that we keep learning and growing. I often take comfort in the fact that God has given me a life (67 years so far) to mature. Hopefully I’m getting there!


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