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People are so freaking ignorant

The Allen and Violet Large 2 million dollar scam.

So, I got an email from the Large’s. They won 11.2 million dollars and they have decided to give me two million. After reading this wonderful news, I did what I always do when people try to send me money I don’t deserve; I went to report it on a scam website. Here, I took some time to peruse other people’s stories about this particularly clever scam. The first response I read in whole was posted by a woman, I’m guessing single, who seems to have a thing for cats. Yes, I’m that judgmental sometimes. And in her response she states: they “are African scammers.” There’s no evidence to back it up. The email server is not referencing ‘Africans-are-us.’ There is no flag in the email. Hell, it doesn’t even have a message, just a title. And yet, the scammers, like the killer bees before them, must be African. I found it particularly ridiculous because the server that mine came from was ‘centurylink.’ Not very African sounding if you ask me. More puzzling is that many people reference ‘qq.com’ as the offending server. QQ.com is very popular by the youth in China and around the world actually. I know this because all the kids we visited in Shanghai University begged us to get that, instead of making them get facebook. So, why are some hell-bent on attaching things that are out to get us to being African? Is that supposed to be scarier? Because all I thought was: Jeez, some people are so freakin’ ignorant.

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