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Sign or Wishful Thinking?

Why can't God say this?

Why can’t God say this?

I finished praying about this opportunity that I have today.

At 4:00pm, I have an interview for a teaching job in Korea. So, I was praying about it while I was driving over to my client’s house. I left my phone there today and the interview that I have is a phone interview. When I pulled up, one of her garage doors was opening and the other was closing and she was leaving. I ran up and she went in and grabbed my phone. Her only comment was “I knew there was a reason I forgot my keys and was running late. God is on your side.” Hmm. I thought  when I got back in my car. Is that an answer to my asking whether I should pursue this opportunity or not? Or could it be that I want it to mean something when really it’s just happenstance?

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